Time to Celebrate

The scriptures tell us that when we have a heart for God, He will give us the desires of our heart. Psalm 37
It doesn’t happen with the wave of a magic wand..no there is much to learn on the way…the ins and outs, the why and when and the wait.
I have known all this to be true in my life.
One of my hearts desires was to own my own business, to have a storefront in a downtown location, to serve my community with the gifts I have been given…I am humbled by the overwhelmingly warm welcome my little shop has received since relocating to downtown Lake Jackson. This week is our Grand Re-Locating Opening and Ribbon Cutting. There has been so much hard work done behind the scenes to bring everything together for this event. I want to thank my team for all of their hard work and long hours…Danny, Tori, Shelby, Teresa and Adam…without you I would be lost.
Let’s celebrate our accomplishments!

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Happy Day!

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Daily Dose of Dixie Belle Paint

Dixie Belle Paint ….Fluff

Welcome to Junque Rescuers LLC. We are a vintage and vintage inspired home decor boutique. We are located in a small south Texas town on the Gulf Coast. Our storefront is located in the heart of downtown Lake Jackson, Texas.

It’s a been a few minutes since I shared anything on our blog page…but that’s about to change. To start off, I will be sharing a daily Dixie Belle Paint project with you. These posts are intended to showcase each paint color, the paint creative and the Dixie Belle products used to achieve the beautifully painted piece.

Junque Rescuers LLC is a Premiere retailer of Dixie Belle Paint products. What does that mean, you ask? It means that we carry approximately 90% of all the products offered by Dixie Belle Paint Company. In time we hope to carry the full line…

Today’s daily dose of Dixie Belle Paint is brought to you by the color….Fluff

Furniture painted by Tracy’s Fancy

Products Used:

Cozy, creamy hutch in Fluff for a timeless charm! Who has one to paint?! This all-white look is so sweet! 🤍
• BOSS in White
• Fluff
• Big Mama’s Butta

All of these products are available @JunqueRescuersLLC storefront located in Lake Jackson, Texas, or message our super helpful assistants to place a will call order….we can and will ship if required.

Have a colorful day!
Jeanne Terrill
Head Junquer @JunqueRescuersLLC

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A Daily Dose of Dixie Belle Paints…

Welcome to Junque Rescuers LLC.  We are a vintage and vintage inspired home decor boutique. We are located in a small south Texas town on the Gulf Coast.  Our storefront is located in the heart of downtown Lake Jackson, Texas

Dixie Belle Paint French Linen

Junque Rescuers LLC is a Premiere retailer of Dixie Belle Paint products.  What does that mean, you ask? It means that we carry approximately 90% of all the products offered by Dixie Belle Paint Company.  In time we hope to carry the full line…

Today’s Daily Dose of Dixie Belle Paint is brought to you by the color… French Linen

Todays creative painter is BreathofLifeDesign

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Creating a Vignette in your Vintage Shop or Market booth is as easy as…

I wanted to take a few minutes this morning to encourage you to stick with the plan…read the Fundamental posts in the Vintage Market Tips and Tricks private Facebook group. Apply them to your booth or your B&M store. For most of us the results do not happen overnight. It is a journey not a destination.


I have been a member of VMTT for a year. From day one I have read the posts and the critiques of the administrators and without question or hesitation I have applied the Fundamentals to my business. It wasn’t easy to admit that some of my picking choices and display decisions were the reason I wasn’t developing a style story that I truly loved. I was trying to be everything to everyone and that is something you cannot do in a small space. At the time I didn’t know why it was so difficult to create beautiful vignettes throughout my shop…I would get one or two done and then there would be a disconnect. Why was I having such a hard time?
Now, a year later…a light bulb moment…the mind puzzle was unlocked, the Monet painting came into focus.

On Friday I was surfing the internet for inspiration for a FB post that was part of my homework assignment from Social Media Boot Camp by CreativIQ….While surfing I came across an article that listed 7 essentials of the French Industrial Style. The article really caught my attention…because I love all things French, french inspired and industrial. It was a quick read and as I read I jotted down the list…Wrought Iron, Rust, Concrete, Tin, Galvanized, Zinc and green patina. Seeing this list written down triggered something in my brain. So I added the items I always use when creating a vignette; books, silver, floral, texture, baskets, textiles, architectural pieces and lighting to the list. I thought could it really be as simple as that…having a working list of essential items that would create a beautiful vignette? So, I decided to put it to the test. I cleared the contents from a vignette that was a jumbled hot mess. I dusted and swept the space. I took my list of items that I scribbled down and taped it to the front of the table in the vignette.

Then using the Fundamentals taught in the group, I began gathering the items on the list in increments of three (fundamental). As I gathered the items I wasn’t thinking about if the items were “French Industrial”. I just gathered up the items that fit the description on the list. Next I began to stack and layer in the items,(fundamental) here and there, looking for the right feel and flow…It took me less than an hour to create this vignette…without over thinking the process my vignette began to take shape. I have to say that in all my years of creating displays of any sort this one is by far my greatest accomplishment. I took something as simple as a list of items and the fundamentals of creating a vignette and within an hour it was complete and I had a French Industrial inspired vignette!

All of this to say…can it really be as easy as having a list of items in hand and the fundamentals of creating a vignette at your fingertips that will help you create a stunning cohesive vignette. I say Absolutely unequivocally YES! Take a few minutes today, before you go picking or attempt your next vignette, make a list of items that are essential to your style story, gather up the items and give it a go.

The face of our industry is forever changing. To remain relevant you must be willing to bend with the wind. Try something new. What can it hurt, other than our own ego.

If you are interested in taking your Vintage Booth business to the next level follow the link to the online course Booth Intervention…You will be glad you did!

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French Farmhouse Style…

Trends come and go..but style is timeless. My personal home decor style has always included elements of the French farmhouse. I love weathered wood furniture, lovingly worn linen fabrics, white ironstone dishes, stoneware crocks, mirrors, crystal chandeliers, woven baskets and mixed metals as well as industrial odds and ends . These are all elements of the farmhouse style... but what gives your home the true feeling of a French Farmhouse are items with a little age. Don’t hesitate buying a quilt with frayed edges or an Ironstone pitcher with crazing, a mirror that is losing it’s silver backing or even a beautiful clock that no longer keeps time. Well worn Vintage treasures add interest, warmth and character to your homes decor.

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Welcome to Junque Rescuers

Over the past nineteen months I have been creating a unique shopping experience in a little off the beaten path location. Junque Rescuers is a curated home decor boutique specializing in Vintage French Industrial Chic, Modern Farmhouse & Coastal Cottage furniture and accessories. We mix old w/ new!

We look forward to sharing our shopping and travel adventures with you…

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Vintage Christmas…

For the past several years we have hosted my husbands family Christmas party at our home. We always try to make it festive and memorable for everyone.

We have a recipe for a memorable party…Begin with a theme that everyone can get into. Add a menu filled with crowd favorites. Offer a variety of drinks that appeal to all ages. Toss in a theme inspired photo booth with props for capturing the moments. Finally, gifts, gifts and gifts.

This year our theme is a vintage Christmas. Because of the range of ages in our family we have encouraged everyone to interpret vintage for themselves…they can wear something vintage, bring a vintage inspired dish or gift.

To start things off right, I went in search of a vintage aluminum Christmas tree with a color wheel just like the one I remember from my Grandmothers house when I was growing up. 

Its important to make sure the tree reflects the theme of the party. It’s the first thing people see when they come in to the house. It’s where they drop off their presents. And its where we gather for the family gift exchange. It will be shining star in the background of many family pictures. 

As it is with all of my Christmas decorating the tree is still a work in progress. Maybe tomorrow I will find the perfect vintage topper. 


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Rainy Day Inspiration…

Its a cloudy drizzly day. The first cold front of the season is creeping in and I am excited for the change in the weather.

I love all of the changes that come with the season…I love that it gets darker earlier and the temperatures are colder. I love the sweet smell of things cooking in the oven and the warm glow of a fire.

Today, the sweet smell from the oven is fresh baked bread. I am surrounded by the auroma of french roast coffee.  People are busy ordering pastries for Holiday parties and patiently waiting for there coffee to be freshly pressed.

I watch the owner of the newly opened French Bakery interact with her guests. And it occurs to me…

 I am watching someones dream come true and I am inspired. 

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Starting Fresh…

On this first day after Christmas my thoughts are focused on the new year and what I can accomplish personally and professionally.  The list includes getting fit, getting organized, read more books, traveling, entertaining and expanding my fledgling vintage resale business.

My list isn’t anything unusual.  It looks a lot like my list from last year. However, I am looking for inspiration from wherever I can find it.

Although everything on my list can and will happen simultaneously throughout the new year…something has to kick things off and set the stage for the coming year.

First things first…I will start with jumping on the fitness band wagon…I am not unfit but since the holidays rolled around I’ve been fittin’ way too many treats in to my diet. Also, let me just put this out there… I can always find something else to do instead of  working out.  However, there is a Caribbean vacation booked for later in the year and there is nothing like the thought of wearing a bathing suit in public to scare a girl into putting in some time on the treadmill.  I won’t bore you with the details of my eating habits or exercise routine…there are enough posts about that on the internet without me adding to it.  But if you are looking for someone to motivate you or an online bootcamp or an online fitness group check out On The Geaux Fitness


The second thing on my list is to get organized…clearing out all of the clutter in my life.  Let me be honest…I lack organizational skills.  I am easily distracted when a task takes too long or requires thinking outside of the box. I have separation anxiety when it comes to letting go of all of my good stuff.   Therefore, I am looking for help in that area and I think I may have found a declutter challenge that will keep me focused. But in the meantime I will start working on this list I found...60 things to toss out in 60 days!


Check out this great read at the Happy Turtle Blog

Third on my list is to read more…I love to read!  I am one of those people who have the ability to disappear into a book.  I think it’s my super power.  Pinterest is a great place to gather reading recommendations.  Two years ago my reading list was made up of books that were being made into movies.  Last year my list was filled with books whose story lines were based in the Mediterranean…This year is still up in the air…but this looks like a good place to start.

Here are a few of my previous reads…the only one in the stack that I haven’t read is “The Dovekeepers” by Alice Hoffman.  Maybe I’ll start that one tonight.


Also, my sister has published her first book…check out Guarded the first book in The Enforcer Series…

I’ll cover the last two on my list in due time…entertaining and my fledgling business.  It’s quite possible that they may go hand in hand.  Only time will tell…

So, what are your plans for the New Year?






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Blurred vision…

Well folks thats wrap. All of the tine we spent  planning, purchasing, prepping, decorating, wrapping, cooking and anticipating Christmas Day….

And just like that…its over! Christmas 2016 and all of its merriment comes down to a little blurred vision.  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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