10…10…10…Day 9

Decision fatique…it happens.

All day we are faced with decisions. Whst to eat, what to wear, what to buy…turn keft or right, take the call, answer the email, reply to the text…decision making is endless.

I’m already worn out just thinking about it.

Are there any decisions you can put on auto pilot? One of the decisions I struggle with dail is what to wear. There are too many variables that go into the decision. It crestes stress for me first thing in the morning because the choice sets the mood for the day.

I am considering gutting my closet and creating a wardrobe capsule where everything works together. Essentially this would cut back on my choices making my decision much easier. Whatelse can I apply this technique to that would limit my decision fatigue.

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10…10…10…Day 8

Purposeful work is based on how you perceive how your job impacts you and others. All jobs can be purposeful depending on your mind set. Sometimes it takes looking at what you do from a different perspective. Look for the joy in your job or how your work impacts others in a positive way.

I love what I do.!

I help people create a beautiful living environment by helping them achieve their vision. Or by helping them select a gift for that special person. Or helping them decide on a paint color for a project.

Even small interactions with people can make positive impact on their day.

We get to choose the purpose in our daily walk and all that it entails.

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10…10…10…Day 7

Me time…should be as important as any time I spend with anyone else.

Taking time out of the day to be with me…check in for a check up.

Pushing through the day to be present for all things should include tine for yourself.

Take this time to clear your mind and breathe…thinking of only yourself for these few minutes. Pushing all thoughts of what everyone else needs or wants from you. Listen to your body. What is it telling you? Do you need a massage or walk around the block.

Whatever you need take a minute to schedule it so it doesnt slip your mind. Commit to taking care of yourself. So you can take care of everyone and everything else that demands your attention.

Make self care a priority.

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10…10…10…Day 6

Plants vs Weeds

I love a beautiful garden. One that is filled with plants, herbs, flowers and trees. I do not care for the pesky weeds that grow in the garden…Gardens need constant cate.

Our mind is much like a garden…it is filled with flowers and weeds. Flowers are the positive life affirming thoughts that result in beautiful caring actions.

Weeds on the otherhand are the negative thoughts that create self doubt, envy and unhappiness.

We can plant a beautiful garden in our mind. We can grow joy, love, self worth, empathy and kindness. But just like in our real garden we must be watchful for the weeds that will pop up. When you feel a weed taking root…acknowledge it, face it, consider the root of it and remove it before it takes over and suffocates the flowers.

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10…10…10…Day 5

My 10, 10, 10 challenge to change my morning routine whi ch hopefully sets a more productive day into motion.

Reflecting on the changes I have experienced in tbe first week are a quieter morning…a morning spent with focus and reflection. My shop routine feels organized and productive.

Life feels less scattered and there is room for a life outside of running my business..

Happy Sunday

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10…10…10…Day 4

Technology…useful servant or dangerous master? The answer is yes.

Useful…for staying in touch with friends and family…for promoting your brand or business…for entertainment…gathering information…capturing lifes moments.

Dangerous…for all of the same reasons when it takes over being in the moment because we are capturing the moment.

Proceed with caution my friend…its all too easy for the useful servant to become the dangerous master.

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10…10…10…Day 3

A new morning routine in the making…

Begins before checking emails or social media. I grab my coffee and sit quietly for 10 minutes

My next 10 minutes,with my coffee in hand I listen to a daily meditation on my Calm app. The final 10 minutes is spent journaling my take away for the day.

Today is Friday, it’s 29 degrees in South Texas…

Hakuna Matata!!!

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10…10…10…Day 2

My business coach has challenged me to mix up my morning routine.

I have a morning routine! Why do I need a new one? Apparently a more focused routine will result in a more productive day. I for one, a busy small business owner crave a more productive day.

It’s not that am not busy or that I don’t accomplish things throughout the day because I do! It’s more that I feel I am bouncing from one thing to the next. Instead of feeling a sense of acomplishmentat the end of the day I”m exhausted emotionally and physically.

The challenge is to avoid social media first thing in the morning because we all know what a rabbit hole that can be.

The rest of the challenge consists of 10 minutes reading. 10 minutes journaling and 10 minutes of meditation or quiet time.

The hardest part of a new routine isn’t embracing new ways but letting go of the old ways.

Todays meditation was …oops my 10 minutes is up. Time to move on.

The desk of a squirrel brain biz owner…

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Morning musings…

Worries are like birds…we can not stop them from flying near us but we can stop them from building nests in our mind.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

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Time to Celebrate

The scriptures tell us that when we have a heart for God, He will give us the desires of our heart. Psalm 37
It doesn’t happen with the wave of a magic wand..no there is much to learn on the way…the ins and outs, the why and when and the wait.
I have known all this to be true in my life.
One of my hearts desires was to own my own business, to have a storefront in a downtown location, to serve my community with the gifts I have been given…I am humbled by the overwhelmingly warm welcome my little shop has received since relocating to downtown Lake Jackson. This week is our Grand Re-Locating Opening and Ribbon Cutting. There has been so much hard work done behind the scenes to bring everything together for this event. I want to thank my team for all of their hard work and long hours…Danny, Tori, Shelby, Teresa and Adam…without you I would be lost.
Let’s celebrate our accomplishments!

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Happy Day!

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