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loving one another….

I have a sweet friend at church who thanks me almost daily for my smile and my hugs and my prayers.  She always tells me she loves me and then she says “you don’t know how much I love you”, I love you!  I always thank her for her kindness and tell her that I love her too.  But today, I had to admit that I don’t know how much she loves me.  I know that she says she loves me and I believe her.  But I do not know the depth of her love. 

I say “I love you” to my family and friends on a regular basis.  I say it at the end of phone calls, before we go to sleep at night and sometimes for no apparent reason.  But does my husband or my son know the depth of my love.   How do I express how much I love them or the depth of my love?  Do they have any idea to what lengths I would go for them? Does anyone really know how deeply someone loves them? 

The bible tells us in John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”.  That is what we do when we truly love someone, we lay down our life.  We practice sacrificial love by listening, helping, encouraging and giving to the ones we love.  We give all the love we can and then we try to give a little more.  I am thankful for God’s love.  I am thankful that God has given me family and friends that lay their life down for me daily and I am especially thankful that I get to do the same for them.  I am truly Blessed!

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craving cupcakes….

Last summer, my husband’s 50th birthday was fast approaching and I was anxious to find an alternative to the standard birthday cake.  I was in full search mode when I stumbled across the sweetest little bakery…Crave Cupcakes.  Crave Cupcakes makes nostalgia feel new again. Their Uptown Park shop features vintage touches like old-fashioned milk fountains, retro mixers and an open-air kitchen where guests can catch the action. “It’s kind of like watching your grandmother bake“, says co-owner Brad Dorsey.

They have taken a nostalgic favorite and added a gourmet twist.  They start every morning with pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, luscious European chocolates, seasonal fruits from Napa Valley, and dairy from Texas farms and blend them together to create delectable cupcakes and creamy frosting. Thier homemade treats are crafted without preservatives or hydrogenated oils and baked in our store in small batches throughout the day to ensure they are at their finest. Try them with a chilled bottle of ice-cold milk, a cup of Bakery Blend brewed-to-order coffee, or a Crave Coffee Chiller. 

The selection of delicious cupcakes begin with cake donut, gingerbread, lemon-blueberry and maple walnut which are served for breakfast.  The other choices include but are not limited to carrot, coconut, crave chocolate and creme, lemon, pumpkin and my favorite red velvet.  Deciding which flavor to choose will be difficult.  I recommend you buy a dozen assorted flavors and while your there pick up a pound of hill country pecan coffee and invite your friends over for an afternoon of cupcakes and coffee. You will be glad you did…and you will be craving Crave Cupcakes just like me!

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packing up is hard to do….

 In less than a month we will no longer live in our house in Pearland.    Although I am very excited about what God has planned for the next chapter of my Story,  it is a bitter-sweet time for me.   In stead of packing or even thinking about packing I find myself standing in different parts of the house, reminiscing.  There is a memory at every turn which makes packing up hard to do…

We have lived in our home in Pearland for 13 years.  More than half of our life as a family has been spent here.  We affectionately referred to this neighborhood as the “New Hope” neighborhood when we moved in, because it seemed as though half the neighborhood attended New Hope Church.  We met neighbors that would become our family.  We found the Lord while living here.  We hosted birthday parties, bbq’s, crawfish boils and bible study in this house.  We prayed for our friends and family and their friends and family within the walls of this house.  We mark the years we have spent in this house by the number of Christmas’ we have shared.  We have watched our son grow from a scrawny second grader to a young man in college.  This is why packing up is hard to do….

Little by little, box by box, day by day we are doing what is hard to do…. we are packing up the memories we have made in this house while we look forward to the memories we will make in our next house.  We are praying for the family who will call this house their home in less than a month.  I pray they will affectionately call this neighborhood the “New Hope” neighborhood. I pray that they will meet a neighbor that will become like family.  I pray they will find the Lord or draw closer to Him in this house.  I pray they will make as many memories as we did if not more.  And I pray that one day, years from now, they will find that packing up is hard to do….


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I have so much to learn about this phenomenon called blogging.  Why Blog, When to Blog, What to Blog about?  This is really a test to see if I set everything up correctly.

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the rest of the Story…

I love reading a good book!  What I really love are books with a continuing story line.  I can get caught up in a good story line imagining the details of the characters and their surroundings, I find myself immersed in the story.  I have enjoyed a couple of books so much I have read them more than once. 

 As much as I enjoy reading and watching movies that have a good story line, I never thought of myself or the people I know as being part of a story.  Until now! 

 So imagine my surprise and joy when our Pastor kicked off the year with a series called “Story”.  He began by saying, ” Every Life is a Story”.  I remember thinking WOW! my life IS a story and since that day I have begun looking at my life differently.   No longer do I just think about my current circumstances as being just that, current.  What is going on in my life is part of the Story,  the beautiful compelling story that the Author and Creator of the Universe has written just for me. 

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Stories contain context, conflict, decisions and resolution.  Now that I am looking at my life through a new lens I wonder, will I make better decisions, will I worry less and trust God more?  I wonder will I be a better listener and a better friend, a better wife and a better mother.  Will I share Jesus with others, or will they see Jesus in me?  I wonder if I will laugh more often, love more deeply or will I live life to the fullest? 

 I am wondering about my life story but I am not worrying about it. My life story may not be filled with exciting world travels or death-defying feats.  It may be that God has planned for my life story to be one filled with lots of normal everyday stuff.  I know he has written into my story that I would be a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, an encourager, a prayer warrior, a servant and a Christ follower.

 I do wonder what else He has planned for my story. But I am content because I know the beginning and I know the end and I know who wrote the story line that goes in-between and I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing story.  My Story!!! 

Check back later for the rest of the Story…..……… be continued…..


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