packing up is hard to do….

 In less than a month we will no longer live in our house in Pearland.    Although I am very excited about what God has planned for the next chapter of my Story,  it is a bitter-sweet time for me.   In stead of packing or even thinking about packing I find myself standing in different parts of the house, reminiscing.  There is a memory at every turn which makes packing up hard to do…

We have lived in our home in Pearland for 13 years.  More than half of our life as a family has been spent here.  We affectionately referred to this neighborhood as the “New Hope” neighborhood when we moved in, because it seemed as though half the neighborhood attended New Hope Church.  We met neighbors that would become our family.  We found the Lord while living here.  We hosted birthday parties, bbq’s, crawfish boils and bible study in this house.  We prayed for our friends and family and their friends and family within the walls of this house.  We mark the years we have spent in this house by the number of Christmas’ we have shared.  We have watched our son grow from a scrawny second grader to a young man in college.  This is why packing up is hard to do….

Little by little, box by box, day by day we are doing what is hard to do…. we are packing up the memories we have made in this house while we look forward to the memories we will make in our next house.  We are praying for the family who will call this house their home in less than a month.  I pray they will affectionately call this neighborhood the “New Hope” neighborhood. I pray that they will meet a neighbor that will become like family.  I pray they will find the Lord or draw closer to Him in this house.  I pray they will make as many memories as we did if not more.  And I pray that one day, years from now, they will find that packing up is hard to do….


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6 responses to “packing up is hard to do….

  1. Tyra

    Love love your writing. I’m standing with you with a lump in my throat and wet eyes! Your house has been a home to me and your family is my family. Yes, truly blessed home. The next family is sure to feel the love!!! =)

  2. Tina

    Very touching and I really enjoyed reading it although it brought tears to my eyes! I know God is going to continue blessing your family and there will be many more wonderful memories in your new home.

  3. yeah its really nice to just express whats on your mind at any given time and share it with anybody

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