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it’s a battle…

Brick vs. Stone.   Stone vs. Brick. Yep, it’s been a battle.  I never thought I would struggle so much with this decision.  I knew I loved the Hill Country stone look.  I knew I wanted my house to be a sturdy brick house.  Then the battle began.  First I chose a beautiful rustic brick with rich chocolate undertones and with almost black bricks scattered throughout.  Beautiful!  Second I began to look at stone.  Carrying my brick sample board from one stone wall  display to another.  The results ranged from boring to an absolute train wreck.  I did find stone that was a perfect match with the brick, it was from a quarry in New Mexico, quite a stretch from Texas Hill Country Stone.  Finally, I decided to start over.  The battle continues.   Brick vs. Stone!

Okay, do over!  I am so thankful that I didn’t find a stone to match the original brick.  It gave me time to really think about what I envisioned the house looking like. It really wasn’t about just choosing a brick I liked or finding a stone to match the favored brick.  It really came down to the brick and stone being the canvas for the beautiful picture that will be our home, our Garden of Eden this side of Heaven.  So I decided to look for a color palette that would show off the accent pieces Danny and I have talked about for so long. 

Ding, ding, ding!  The battle is over.  We have a winner.  The brick is called Mocha Brown Antique.  It reminds me of my favorite frozen coffee drink, Caramel Frappuccino!  The stone is Cream Chopped Limestone!  I think these choices will provide a beautiful canvas for the bronze window frames, the black pillars, our front door with the wrought iron texas star.  Not to mention that the house will be framed by two beautiful oak trees and eventually there will be beautiful shrubs scattered across the front lawn.  

In the end I have to admit the battle wasn’t really between the brick and stone.  It was my battle.  I had not spent enough time thoroughly thinking through the process.  Therefore, everything was unsettled in my mind.  I also had not sought God in my decision.  After spending time with the LORD and thanking Him for giving me my hearts desire.  After asking the LORD to open my eyes to see what His plans for the house were, everything became clear.  I need to remember to include God in every decision instead of plowing ahead and trying to make all of the decisions on my own.  I know this whole process will go so much smoother if I listen to the small quite voice of my friend and Savior, Jesus.





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