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we’re camping…

Well we aren’t really camping.  When you go camping you are getting away from your everyday stuff.  You load up the camper.  You make a meal plan, choose your most comfortable weekend clothes, load up the fishing poles, add the makings for smores and few comfortable lawn chairs. You choose a scenic state park or a location that is known for good fishing or hiking.   Now you are ready to camp.  Camping is a for a quick weekend getaway.

We only resemble camping.  We have loaded up the camper…with everything we think we might need for the next 6 months.  As for the meal plan..we aren’t cooking in the camper.  However, I do make a pot of coffee most mornings.  I didn’t really choose my most comfortable clothes, I chose my favorites.  We do have a view… of a stocked pond.  And yes we do have the fishing poles and lawn chairs at the ready.  However, this is no weekend getaway.  This is our home away from home. 

I have gotten some very interesting comments and nervous looks from my friends.  I am asked almost daily “How is camper life”?  I can honestly say that it’s OK.  It is my choice.  It was actually my suggestion.  One I hope I don’t end up regretting.  I have had friends say that there is NO WAY they could live in a camper for 6 months.  Others have expressed there concern for the close quarters.  Yes it’s a small space.  Yes it is limiting.  But how many cups can you use at a time?  How many clothes do you really need?  How many pairs of shoes does one person need?  Well lets don’t go there! 

There was a time when I would not have considered living in a camper.  But I am at a place in my life where I have found contentment.  God has blessed me with my hearts desire.  I have a wonderful husband who loves me.  I have a son who is my heart.  I am working in Ministry helping people with thier walk with the LORD.  I am surrounded by people I consider true Friends.  I have a relationship with my Savior.  And now God has thrown open the doors and the windows and has made it possible for Danny and I to build our dream home.  So until that house is complete…we’re camping!!!


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