writing or rambling…

I really enjoy putting my thoughts to pen and paper.  However I believe I am more of a rambler than a writer.  Given enough time, I am pretty good at organizing my own thoughts and experiences and putting them down on paper.  I even had a moment of creativity and penned a poem for my son when we re-decorated his room. 

Then this phenomenon of blogging came about and I became intrigued.  What a concept, you can jump on your laptop or smart phone, jot down a few musings about your day and send it out for the world to read.  And then the strangest thing happens, people actually read them.  People you know keep up with your life through your daily or weekly or in my case random blog.  Stranger yet, people you don’t know and probably will never know are reading about your life. 

And yes, I admit I am one of those people.  I love people.  I love to hear and read about what they are doing in their lives.  Therefore, I find myself using the social networking sites to do just that.  I am an avid user of Facebook.  I have begun to tweet and follow others who tweet.  I also am looking for interesting blogs to follow, by people I know and of course would like to know and quite frankly some who I will never know personally.

And because I love to read I have read many books by authors who can paint a word picture that captivates and  draws me in to the story.  And then there are those writers who’s words just lay on the page.  They tell a story but I am still just the reader, I am certainly not engaged.  There is definitely an art to “wordsmithing”.  I would love to nurture that art in my writing so I am enrolling in a 3 day class that is just that, Wordsmithing 101.  The class is a very thoughtful gift from my husband who thinks I have a future in journalism, even if it is writing about the local garden club or women’s book club for our community newsletter.  He believes in me and see’s something that I obviously do not.  So check back often and see if I am a….rambler or a writer.


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4 responses to “writing or rambling…

  1. xavier

    Hi Jeanne, I like to follow blogs too! Don’t get around to posting more than a line here and there. Anyway I’m glad to hear you like to write especially nowadays when it seems fewer people are trying to actually develop and craft the skill of writing.

    While technology is great for expanding written communication, I feel that the speed and convenience of use has led many to develop lazy habits such as poor spelling and faulty grammar. Web acronyms such as “LOL” and “IDK” have flown off the web right into everyday written and spoken

    I hope you have a great experience in writing class! Have a great weekend
    and I’m sure we will see you soon…Xavier

    • jeannecterrill

      Thanks for the encouraging words. I am looking forward to the class and exactly what this may mean for my future. Whatever it may be I trust the Lord has a plan and I am a willing participant.

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