Cover to cover…its a great read!

Good books are like old Friends…. they are good for the soul!

Old Books 

I love a good book! There is one book that I have read numerous times from cover to cover. I loved the characters and the setting, I loved that the story spanned the lifetime of the main character. The story drew me in…it was like an old friend from the very beginning. As I sit here thinking about the book “The Shell Seekers” by Rosmund Pilcher and all the things I love about the story I realize these are the same things I love about my absolute favorite book. 

I have never read my favorite book from cover to cover. But what I have read I have read more than once. My favorite book is full of great characters and exotic settings. It is filled with encouragement, comfort, and instructions for living a life filled with joy. It has helped me through good times as well as difficult times. It has helped me write words of encouragement to friends going through their own life storms. I know that every time I open up this book what I read will be relevant to where I am and I what I am faced with and it will guide me through my life. My favorite book is the Good Book, The Word of God, The Bible! 

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