The Most Confusing Part of Life Is…

that people believe politicians! 

I am confused that time and time again people will believe the rhetoric coming from a politician without so much as checking the facts. A Politician is one who seeks personal or partisan gain, often by scheming and maneuvering. Politicians are like those ads for the current fix all drug. They make big promises about how their product can make your life better than ever. If you buy into what they are selling you will have a fuller head of hair, whiter teeth, thinner waistline and oh yes a more active social life. But they conveniently leave out the COST and the side effects. By the way, that full head of hair comes with an itchy scalp and dandruff. The whiter teeth can come with tooth pain and a high sensitivity to hot or cold foods. And because you can no longer eat due to the tooth pain and sensitivity you will have a thinner waistline resulting in a more active social life. Eventually the truth comes out, the product is a farce, but in the meantime it has caused irreparable damage to those who bought into it as well as the innocent by-standers left to foot the bill. 

“In medicine, it has long been recognized that even a quack remedy that is harmless in itself can be fatal when it substitutes for an effective medication or treatment. The time is overdue for that same recognition to apply to politics.” — Dr. Thomas Sowell 

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