Just Your Neighborhood Jesus (via Here I Am, Lord. Send Me.)

I am following Ericka’s blog as she embarks on an incredible journey as a missionary in India. I hope you will visit her blog and keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She truly has a heart for the Lord!

Just Your Neighborhood Jesus Being here in India my eyes have been pried open to the reality of the world. The depravity, poverty, and sin that defile this beautiful earth are so saddening, but that’s not all my eyes see. Amidst the piles of garbage, the rickshaws moving at full speed, and all the noise and smells, I see Jesus. He is in every person I see. Their eyes are mirror reflections of His. Their hands are modeled after His. We are, in fact, made in His image, and wit … Read More

via Here I Am, Lord. Send Me.

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One response to “Just Your Neighborhood Jesus (via Here I Am, Lord. Send Me.)

  1. brandy

    thank you for sharing. we are going to follow her blog as well and print her picture and put it on our world map to pray for her. this year we are studying countries and cultures and reading about missionaries in those countries. one thing we are to do is print pictures of missionaries and add them to our map and pray for them daily. so it was a real treat for you to share her blog. we are excited to follow her journey.

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