mosquitos…really, what’s the point

Originally posted Summer 2010!  I hope we don’t have the same issue this year.

Contrary to popular belief not every thing in Texas is bigger…except for the Mosquito.

I think these pesky annoying pests are born full-grown and they have an appetite to match.   This year they seem especially aggressive and incredibly Big! What are they so angry about?  Did they hear about the BP debacle in the gulf whilst they were hibernating.  Or could it possibly be they are a rogue group of insects out to terrorize every outdoor summer event on the gulf coast of Texas?   The summer was going along just fine with just a few of the little ankle bitters showing up as the sun sets.  But then everything changed…the rain started and  3 days later the Mosquito flood gate opened.

Now, I wouldn’t normally give the pesky Mosquito this much of my time but…it is what Everyone is talking about.  My Facebook friends are talking about being terrorized by the  pests inside, yes inside, the local Target store and how there are SWARMS of the blood suckers hovering just the other side of the door at their homes.  Acquaintances are talking about having 30 or more mosquitos living in one little corner of their house.  At the time I am writing about the Mosquito my husband is armed with his propane Fogger and a gas mask and is doing his part to eliminate about 1000 of the little pests that have taken up residence  inside of the home we are building.

From time to time I have pondered the question, What was God thinking when He created the Mosquito?  What purpose does the mosquito serve?  After doing a little research and I do mean a “little”, I discovered that the mosquito does serve a purpose.  They are part of the food chain, Bats eat them!  They have also been the driving force behind the billion dollar bug repellent industry.  And the little know fact that the male mosquito, which by the way is not the blood sucker  in the family, does a little cross pollinating in his very short lifespan. So I pondered this newly acquired information and then I decided;  I think there are enough other insects for the Bats to eat.   And I think the bees do a pretty darn good job of cross pollinating all on their own.  And I don’t now about you but I would be very happy to go to my next  outdoor summer party smelling of my favorite lotion or potion whose name does not include deep or woods or the ingredient deet.  I am just saying…mosquitos…really…what’s the point…


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4 responses to “mosquitos…really, what’s the point

  1. Tyra Larson

    I swear that photo is the ACTUAL size of the mosquito-looking-beast I caught (and released?!?! was I crazy??) in my kitchen. Must of been the King of the Mosquitos!! Sorry Texas, but he was cute with his big ol’ eyes!!!

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  3. Love the title of this post, Jeanne. Absolutely perfect for this post.

    Skeeters are the peskiest of pests. Fortunately, I’m not “sweet” enough to attract them if anyone else is around.

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