encouraging others to serve…

There are so many things I love about my job.  But one of the things I enjoy the most is when I have the opportunity to encourage others to serve as a volunteer.  Every other month I schedule a volunteer orientation for church members and attendees that are interested in helping out with “the chores” in the ministry I oversee.  I usually get pretty nervous at the thought of speaking in front of strangers but once we are all gathered together I feel God’s peace and off we go.  I always have my notes handy, I refer to them from time to time but seldom do I follow them all the way thru. 

In the beginning of the orientation I cover the nuts and bolts,  who we are as a ministry and what the volunteer opportunities are on each team.   I discuss the time commitment and the requirements.  All of which is very important to helping each person decide where they may want to serve. 

But the part I really love is when I get to explain WHY we serve.  This is when I get to explain to them how God has been busy prompting people to come to church and that he has planned for each of us to interact with these individuals on his behalf.  I get to explain to them about the short amount of time that we have to make a great first impression and how our area of ministry is a big part of that process.   I love explaining how it’s the little things we do that make a huge impact in the lives of those searching for the “something” that is missing in their lives.  I help them to see that it only takes a warm and genuine greeting, the offer of something to eat or drink and making sure that each person is made to feel like they belong.  I get to explain to them how as a church we try to make sure everyone visiting our church feels welcome.  

Then the moment comes, when they get it.  I can see it on their face and they know WHY we serve.   It’s not about me or them or even the church.  It’s about helping others find what each of us in the room have already found.  Jesus!!! and this is the reason I love…encouraging others to serve.


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2 responses to “encouraging others to serve…

  1. Amen Jeanne!! That is why I started to volunteer for the welcome ministry.

    I was so close to giving up on church, one bad expierence after another and then we found New Hope. We were greeted warmly at the door, once inside we were shown where to take the kids and register them, and shown where the pizza was! People were so friendly and so helpful. It was a very good first impression for us, so we stuck around!! Now you’ll never get rid of us 🙂

    • jterrill

      Stacy, those are the kinds of stories that encourage me to keep doing what God has called me to do. Thanks for all you do for New Hope, you have been such a blessing to the church, staff and so many individuals through your incredibly generous gifts.

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