blogging…stats r us…

My first blog was March 23, 2010.  I have written 33 blogs, this will make 34.  I began blogging as a way to express the emotions of moving from our home of 12 years in a nice suburb and into a 26′ travel trailer while our house in the country is being built.  In the past 4 1/2 months I have developed an interest in social networking as well as a new hobby. 

As with trying anything new and exciting you take the chance of becoming addicted.  Fortunately or un-fortunately however you choose to look at it, I have become an addict.  Addicted to checking my stats, checking the list of referrers and hoping upon hope that someone will take the time to comment. As of this posting I have had 977 views, 24 comments and 47 views in a single day.  I am not sure what happened that day, but I think one of my friends finally got around to reading all of my blogs at once. 

I enjoy discovering blogs that speak to me and my interests.  I am hoping to build new friendships in the blogging community.  I would love to learn the blogging lingo and how to apply the tricks of the trade to make my blog more interesting.   All the while becoming a better writer and communicator.  I would love for my blog to have a regular following. 

I would love to have a paying gig as a blogger.  (aren’t those people called journalists)

There is so much to consider when blogging; the audience, accuracy of information, branding, content, diversity, conversation, stories, truth, community, listening and integrity.  Just recently I have begun to think about all of these things and how they all play a part in creating something interesting. 

Thanks to Theycallmejane’s Blog I have discovered a few things that I would like to implement into my blog.  The first one is to try to engage those who stop by for a quick peak to interact and leave a comment.  The other is to create a little community with the writers of the blogs I enjoy.  Ultimately helping one another develop our blogs and create online friendships.

Until I get the hang of blogging, I will keep checking my stats and hoping upon hope that when you stop by to take a peek you will leave a comment even if it is to just say …


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13 responses to “blogging…stats r us…

  1. “Cat was here….!” I’m new to blogging and when I started it last week I had no idea how addictive it would become, even in just a short space of time!! My stats are almost non-existent at the moment – hopefully they will improve! – but it still doesn’t stop me looking at them every few minutes, just in case I get a sudden influx of viewers! I’ve read some good posts on this site (including yours!), some okay ones and some pretty boring ones that I didn’t get to the end of! But I’m definitely enjoying my blogging experience!

    • jterrill

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line. It is the best feeling when a new friend drops a comment, it is very encouraging. Keep blogging!

  2. And Jane was here, too! Thanks for playing! Ahhh, I remember my early blogging days. Obsessing over stats, the thrill of a new post, the excitement when I had a comment (any comment would do!) It’s an amazing Blog World out there and I’m glad you’re in it!

  3. I too just started a blog last month; and it’s very addicting. But it’s probably been the best thing for me. I’ve been an aspiring writer for some time but I never actually sat down to write. So to combat my procrastination I began a blog and haven’t looked back since.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately there is so much to learn. I’m constantly looking at stats and ways to increase my readership and involvement. Today, after writing a really good and funny story I had 3 people comment on it. I was elated. Even though they were friends and family I didn’t know they were reading my blog. So it still really comes down to great content, but there are some things you can do to help.

    For one, comment on any blog you find interesting. This probably won’t help with SEO or anything, but that owner and their readers are more likely to check your blog out. So everyday I’ve taken to looking at the “Fresh Pressed” blogs, and also the tags for blogs that interest me and just commenting on them. That’s how I found your blog out. Good luck!

    • jterrill

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is so encouraging when someone takes the time to leave a comment. I know the stats shouldn’t matter but they do. Best of luck with your blog. Hope to hear from you again.

  4. I Love reading your blogs!!

    I blog, but I am not the best writer, I do really enjoy it though, it is a lot of fun!

    • jterrill

      I am really loving my new hobby. I am not sure what God’s plan is for this in my future but I am excited at the prospects. Keep Blogging!

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