when the weather forecast calls for Sno…

You gotta go…and getcha’ a New Orleans Style Sno-Ball!!!

Sno-Balls are one of the most elegant treats ever created!  They are incredibly simple, shaved ice and syrup, thats it.  They are  available in almost every color in a  64 count box of crayons.  They also serve the very practical purpose of cooling you off during the dog days of summer.  They are affordable, even with inflation; ranging from $1 – $3 unless of course you add “can cream” which is an extra .50.  Best of all they are Delicieux, Delectable as well as Delicieuse!!!

New Orleans Style Sno-Balls have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  They are part of the New Orleans family tradition.  I remember there was even a sno-ball truck that would roll through our neighborhood 7 days a week from May through September, the New Orleans version of the ice cream truck.   My Dad would have us watch for the truck and when it would show up we would line up and excitedly wait for the smooth, soft, snowy, sweet,  tasty treat; bubblegum, strawberry and rainbow for my sisters, cherry for me and Dad.   I always had and still have mine with cream.  Not just any cream, it had to be “canned cream” which is sweetened condensed milk. 

Don’t mistake a snowball for a snow cone. The former is soft as powder snow, the latter is crunchy and hard packed. Fluffy snowballs are served with a straw and a spoon and are drenched with flavored syrups with names such as wedding cake, hurricane, nectar,buccaneer blood or dreamsicle.  Each stand has dozens to choose from.  One other difference is the ice and syrup of a sno cone or independent of each other.  Not so with a snowball.  In an instant, the snow and the flavored syrup are united, the two become one, inseparable to the last bite.  Don’t believe me?  You will have to check it our for yourself. 

On of my all time favorite places to visit is

Sal’s Snowballs
1823 Metairie Road, Metairie, (504) 666-1823

The family owned business has been around since 1960.  I remember that Sal’s stand sat under a huge live oak with people hanging around leisurely eating their snowy treats.  I know longer live in New Orleans and I have missed my favorite childhood treat until recently.  Then one day,  by chance I stumbled across a little sno-ball truck parked under a live oak in a little town in Texas.  The line was long and the people waited patiently for the treats to be delivered.  This was a good sign.  I parked my car.  I felt the excitement of my childhood as I waited to place my order.  Finally, it was my turn.  I ordered;  “wild cherry with cream, Please!” (Almost a little too animated.)   The wait seemed endless as I watched each person ahead of me receive their treat; banana, strawberry, mango, rainbow, wedding cake, dreamsicle.  The anticipation mounted, I could hardly wait, and then, there it was…CHERRY WITH CREAM! 

Yes it’s true!  You can get a New Orleans Style Sno-Ball in Texas.  I am a regular now.  David’s place is open 6 days a week 9 months out of the year.  His hours are from the time he gets there until the time he leaves.  So if you enjoy the real deal and are in the general vicinity of  Lake Jackson/Clute Texas it’s worth the drive over to the little Sno-Ball truck parked under the live oak tree on Dixie Dr.


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5 responses to “when the weather forecast calls for Sno…

  1. Amanda Wofford

    Jeannie I will have to take Sam for a drive to check David’s place out. I remember the treat from my childhood too. No a Snow Cone is Not a Sno-ball.

    • jterrill

      It’s not too far from the Aquarium..you can use your GPS to find Brazoswood High School and it is just across the street. Enjoy!

  2. Hey…great blogging. Not sure how to subscribe or friend you. I’m new to this site. 🙂

    • jterrill

      Thanks for the encouraging words. You can either click the RSS button at the top of the page or at the very bottom you can check the box for site updates. I hope that helps out.

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