Life on the Beach

it’s not all fun in the sun

Today, the rural coastal community of Surfside is dotted with colorful houses. Some are newly constructed and painted bright white while others are painted every color under the sun but are worn by time and the salty air. The jetty stretches out into the gulf and is dotted with locals and tourists taking long strolls to the end and back. There are families scattered along the pier with long fishing poles and buckets of bait in hopes of catching the big one. You can hear the laughter of the children as they play in the nearby park. The air is a mixture of salt, fish and bbq. Today the sky is a huge expanse of blue, dotted with a few white puffy clouds and the water reflects the sky giving it the illusion of being blue. The community is also an illusion, just a snapshot in time. All it takes is one strong storm, one really active hurricane season and the landscape can change in an istant….there had been plenty of time to prepare, windows were boarded up and the community was mostly evacuated. But everyone knew when they returned it would not be the same.

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