the lifespan of a camper cushion

The lifespan of a seat cushion in a camper isn’t what it used to be…or is it?  About 15 weeks ago I noticed the cushion on the bench where I sit most evenings to watch television, chat on-line, facebook and blog had lost its cush…and with each passing day I long for my furniture that sits in storage. 

It’s been a while since I have posted about our current living situation.  We have been living, by choice, in our 26′ travel trailer while our new home is being built.  We have been here for 18+ weeks.  18+WEEKS!!! 

Did I mention that it has been 18+ weeks…and it’s August… in Texas…and it has been the wettest summer in years.  Well at least it seems like this at our property where our house is being built.  Just about the time the ground dries up, here comes the rain..again.  Today was no exception. 

I have been really upbeat for the past 18 weeks.  I have tried to look at every challenge throughout the home building process as an opportunity to find JOY in the moment.  I have tried to keep my negative thoughts to myself and put on a happy face.  I have tried to be faithful, trusting that God’s plan is perfect.  I have done my best to be patient, considerate and understanding.  But lately, I haven’t seen a smiling face looking back from the mirror. 

Did my smiling face go the way of the camper cushion?  Is it possible that my deflated attitude is directly related to my deflated seat cushion?  As I sit here contemplating this very idea, I realize how uncomfortable it is sitting at my little camper table.  Maybe it is time for a change.

Yes!  Yes, I say!!! It is time for a change.  So tomorrow evening I will sit on the other side of the table and see if that helps put a smile back in the mirror.  Maybe a change of scenery is all I really need.  Oh yes and a new cushion!


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5 responses to “the lifespan of a camper cushion

  1. Danny Terrill

    The anticipation of the new house and a real change of scenery is why we are feeling the pressure. It is time I agree. In 2 or 3 months we will look back at this as our sacrifice for the greater good…..paid off appliances HUA. It won’t be long now.

  2. love it!!! Maybe you will appreciate that furniture in your house even more when you get to see it again! SOON!!!

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