what’s in a name? everything and nothing…

Bogging?!  What’s that?  Less than a year ago, I didn’t know what blogging was.  Oh, sure I had heard of it, but I had not given it much thought.  When I began to hear my friends talk about following blogs my interest was piqued.  On one particular Saturday evening my friends were really carrying on about “following” someone.

Me:  Who are you following? 
Friend:   Oh a friend of a friend has a blog.  You won’t believe the things that happen to her.  She is hysterical. 
Me: So, you know this person?
Friend:  No.   
Me: Really?

Following someone you don’t know?  Blog stalking, kinda weird!  I am not a blog stalker.  I make it a point to comment on the blogs I visit regularly.  I think its the least I can do for the person  who took the time to post their thoughts for me to read. 

I began following a couple of friends blogs as they popped up on my Facebook wall.  I enjoyed reading about their life.  I even found them inspiring.  So much so I was inspired to give blogging a try. 

I threw caution to the wind.  Without so much as a second thought.  I jumped in!!! 

I chose WordPress because a friend had her blog setup there and it was relatively easy to get started.

However, In the last few weeks I have found several blog posts about how to have a successful blog.  The do’s and dont’s of blogging.   Oh yes, and blog posts about how to get Freshly Pressed.  Although I have enjoyed stumbling upon these blogs they have me thinking about “my blog” and what, if anything I expect from it or for it.

The biggest change I am considering is the name of my blog.   When I jumped in I just called it what it was, jeanne’s blog.  Not very creative, but like I said I didn’t have a plan.  However, I think it needs a little help, maybe.  I am undecided at this time. 

Now I am wondering what will happen if I change my blog name?  Will it really matter one way or the other? Yes of course it matters, it matters to me.  And if I am honest about this whole thing I would have to say Yes, I want to have a successful blog! So, what’s in a name? EVERYTHING!

Have you changed your blog name?  If so, how did it affect your previous posts and your followers?  Did it help or hurt your blog?  Your input on this and other blogging do’s and dont’s would be appreciated and more than likely put into practice, at least for a little while. 

Can you tell me…what’s in a name? everything or nothing…

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