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remember the golden rule…shhhhh


I hear that years of research shows that massage therapy is no longer just for relaxation.  The medicinal benefits offered by therapeutic massage can have a positive lasting impact on your health and lifestyle.  Massage therapy can rid your body of life’s everyday stresses, reduce muscle pain, help alleviate the discomfort of certain ailments, or just help restore balance to your body and mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and helping you maintain a life of wellness and good health.

Maybe it’s just me but when I finally get around to admitting that I need a massage, my stress level is out of control.  My muscles have knots and my knots have knots.  My mind and body are totally out of balance.  I begin to resemble a much older version of myself…whoa!!!…I don’t need any help in that area. 

I have enjoyed several good massages over the years.  The most memorable massage experience was while on a Royal Caribbean, Caribbean Cruise.    The experience began the moment I walked into the lobby.  The soothing sounds of water and music along with the calming aromas welcomed me.  I was greeted and escorted to the waiting area to fill out the “help us get to know you” paperwork.  I was offered a beverage and left to relax.  My wait was  just long enough.  The entire experience was handled with the utmost professionalism.  The therapist asked a few questions at the very beginning and then silence.  Glorious, Golden, Soothing Silence!

The worst massage experience was my first visit to the local Spa.  It is a wonder I ever had another one.  Let’s just say the therapist was inexperienced.  She talked incessantly, for the entire hour, my hour.  She also for some unknown reason began critiquing my lack of muscle tone and offering advice on what I should do about that.  How rude!!!!  She had know idea of my recent health issues which had caused my less than firm muscle tone and was the cause of my stressed out life.   Not only was she not helping relieve my stress she was now adding to it.  Quiet please!

Then just this week I decided to try a new place in town that specializes in facials and threading.  Everything was good until she began telling me her life story which included how expensive college is for her daughter.  I began to think, “what is it about me”?  Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “I am a good listener”?  Well, yes I am.  But not when I am trying to take a few minutes for my self which are few and far between.  God knows we all need to just” be” from time to time.  Then it happened, she went there, she was compelled by some unknown force to point out my grey roots, an 1/8″ of grey roots, barely there grey rootsUgghhh!!!  I was almost relaxed.   Please stop talking!

The last thing I need is to have my massage/facial therapist unload their entire life story during what is supposed to be an hour of rest and relaxation. Or even worse, point out one of my many flaws.  I know they are there, I don’t need your help identifying them.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion.  Don’t get me wrong I understand the need to “dump” your junk from time to time.  But if you are stressed out and your life is out of balance, get your own massage…this is my hour, this is my dime…!  Silence is Golden…shhhhh!!!

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