happy 50th anniversary…


It was the summer of 1958.  East Jefferson HighSchool.  10th grade Summer School.   He was a popular football player.  She was a girl from Texas.  He thought she was cute. 

He called 13 times before she finally said yes.  He jokingly says he should have stopped at 12.  But seriously, he says he would have called 13 more times if that’s what it would have taken. 

Their first date was on the New Orleans Delta Queen River Boat and Fats Domino was the evening’s entertainment.  After that she attended his football games and they began to date. However, arranging dates required creativity.  She was in school and did not have a home phone, he worked.  So they devised a plan; when he asked her out he would give her one of his trained homing pigeons.  When her parents had agreed to the day and time of the date, she would write a note attach it to the pigeon and release it.  Voila, instant messaging!

They were engaged by 1959. 

 They were married September 2, 1960.

Their life together is filled with moments and minutes, days and weeks, years and decades,  Children, 4 daughters to be exact, a couple of son-in-laws and 3 grand children.    

They have always been there with advice when asked, a helping hand when needed, a moving truck at the ready, an extra room or two, cooking lessons in person or long-distance, catered meals for dozens of parties,  lessons in life and amazing unconditional love.   And so so much more!!! 

 They are my inspiration! 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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16 responses to “happy 50th anniversary…

  1. Your blogs make me smile and make me cry. You are such a wonderful person.


  2. Amanda Wofford

    Jeanne, I just loved this story. You are so blessed to have such a loving Mom and Dad.

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  4. You are so lucky to have such wonderful parents!

  5. What a beautiful testimony to the power of love. So grateful to read this on Valentine’s Day!

  6. I found you by way of Eliz’ Valentine’s Day Mega Blog Hop…so glad I did!
    These are the kinds of stories we should read every day to uplift us. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Vivian, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that story about my parents early dating challenge. I think their early commitment has been the key to their longevity!

  7. tbaoo

    fantastic, a real life movie in real life – thanks alan

  8. That is truly a wonderful and romantic story…. The homing pigeons got me… Wow. Happy Anniversary to you parents:-)
    Thanks for your contribution to the bloghop! 😉

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