here we go….again…

 29 weeks ago we put our house on the market.

25 weeks ago we accepted an offer on our house.

23 weeks ago we closed on our house and signed a contract to build a new one.

22 weeks ago I packed up the stuff our family had accumulated over the previous 12 years and it was hauled off to the storage facility.

20 weeks ago we moved into our 26′ travel trailer. 

In the past 19 weeks our builder, Peltier Builders,  and his team made sure; the piers were drilled, the foundation was poured, the framing was erected, the roof was raised and the house was dried in.  There were plumbers, electricians, sheetrockers and painters from floor to ceiling.  The cabinets were stained, granite was expertly placed, the  lighting fixtures were hung with much care and the tile was laid with precision.  The doors were installed, the hardware was attached and the power was turned on.  The flooring was laid front to back, the house was cleaned, the driveway was shaped and the landscaping has been planned.   The painters, plumbers and electiricians will give the house a once over and then…

In two weeks we will complete the move we started all those weeks ago.

We will sign a contract.  The truck will be rented.  The boxes will be loaded. 

And then the un-packing will begin.


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