survival of the fittest…that’s our motto

This is my inspiration picture, I can only hope that our landscaping will somewhat resemble this beautiful  and thoughtful layout.

As much as I would like to think of myself as a gardener, I am not.  I am more of a garden observer.  I appreciate the hard work it takes to create a beautiful garden.  However, I have never been able to see the garden through the extreme summer months of Texas.  As the mercury rises on the temperature gauge and the flowers begin to fade so do I. 

 As my husband I began to discuss the landscaping options for our new home.  We realized there was a common theme emerging.  Survival of the fittest…drought tolerant, poor soil conditions, and general neglect.  If we could find plants that could survive these conditions we would have a perfectly landscaped yard. Maybe even yard of the month!  Ya’ think? 

There were big decisions that had to be made before a plan could be made…perrenials or annuals…shrubs or trees…ornamental or fruit producing…we met with the Landscaper and owner of PomPom Nursery and had a meeting of the minds.  We let Phillipe know what we were thinking; a rock wall to limit the erosion, low maintenance plants and the basic design.  Phillipe let us know he will do whatever it takes to create a beautifully landscaped front entrance.  We realize that “whatever it takes” comes with a price tag.  We divided up the list of materials that would be needed.  We would purchase the stones for the rock wall and some of the specific plants and trees we desired and Phillipe would take care of the rest. 

On Labor Day, my husband and I hooked up the trailer and headed off to the Garden Center.  The Garden Center was advertising a 70% off sale.  At these prices we can afford a bit of trial and error.  

 As we headed into the Garden Center, I had a note pad and pen handy so I could jot down the prices and my trusty Texas Home Landscaping book for quick reference.  

We walked down isle after isle selecting plants such as; variegated Pittosporum, Rosemary bushes, Firecracker bushes, Texas Sage, Indian Hawthorne, Nandina,Larapedlum, Caladium, Croton, Ornamental grass, Agapanthus, Gardenia, Variegated Flax, Vinca and Asparagus Fern,  thirty-nine plants in all.  And all for $200.00!  I am going back for more!

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