from the ground up…decisions, decisions and then more of the same….

It all started with a dream.  My husband wanted acreage and I wanted a neighborhood.  He found 2 beautiful acres in a newly developed farm style community.  We prayed about the decision to buy the land and build our dream home.  God threw open the doors and the windows.  We moved forward. 

We took a piece of God’s green earth and shaped and contoured it and laid a sturdy foundation on solid ground.  We have asked the Lord’s Blessing over each decision and every step of the way.  He has guided us through and has given us our hearts desire.  And along the way we learned a multitude of lessons, strengthened our marriage and helped us to appreciate all that we have. 

If you have never had the “joy” of building a new home let me tell you there are moments and days when you think “what in the world have I done”.  Some decisions are easy to make without a second thought.  Some decisions consume you for days and maybe weeks on end. 

My husband hast he gift of organization and has handled all of the decisions concerning the structure, power, water, sewer, flatwork as well as talking with the builder on a daily basis.  I have the gift of hospitality.  I enjoy creating a warm and welcome feeling in our home.   I have had the pleasure of making all of the interior decor decisions.

After each set of decisions I would proudly lay everything out for my husband to see.  I would point out this is the wall color, this is the ceiling and this is the trim.  He would look at it, smile, and say “looks good”.  However, each time I got the feeling he wasn’t seeing what I was seeing.  I would go through this ritual after each set of decisions.  Each time with the same result.  It wasn’t until the flooring was installed that he finally “got it”.  He could see it all coming together. 

While he has been planning the shape and grade of the driveway and yard, I have been pondering other things.  Where will I hang that 5′ wood frame mirror?  Fireplace with or without a mantle?  Drapes, roman shades, shutters or blinds?  Should there be a rug under the fooseball table?  Is the table for the kitchen too small?  Where am I going to put the country french sofa table?  Should I go with white bedding or a color?  Which color? How should I place the furniture in the guest room?   Decision after decision after decision… 

God allowed us to use the gifts he blessed us with to pull this incredible project together.  “All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me” Matthew 19:26

In about a week all of the decisions will come together… I can hardly wait to see it….from the ground up!


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5 responses to “from the ground up…decisions, decisions and then more of the same….

  1. Deana Waddell

    I love it! I can’t wait to see it either. God does provide and it is amazing how just by using the gifts that HE gave us, we can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Your house is going to be amazing and so are the many years that yall will share your lives there.

    • jterrill

      Deana, I really do have to give God the glory. He has been with us through every step and decision. We definitely want to use our new home to help grow His Kingdom. There could be a Rosharon small group coming soon.

  2. It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I am more like your husband and really sturggle to see the final product in my mind. Give me the technical stuff and I am good. Brandon is better at it, but letting him decorate our house would be incredibly dangerous…..who knows what he would have coming out of the walls! HA!! My mom normally comes to my rescue when it tis time to decorate! Praise God for people like you and her who have the gift of hospitiality! (and good taste 🙂

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