on the move…literally

If you have been stopping by for any length of time you know that we have been in the midst of building our new home.  Well the building process is complete.  The papers have been signed.  The checks have been written.  The truck has been loaded and then un-loaded.  We have officially, MOVED!

We are in the process of getting familiar with our new surroundings.  As well, as trying to determine the best place to drop our personal belongings when we come through the door.  So that when we leave again, we can grab them and go. 

We are un-packing the multitude of boxes that we deemed necessary to pack up and bring with us to our new home.  So we…,move a box, un-pack a box, wash what was in the box, find a place for what was in the box, breakdown the box and begin again. 

As the boxes are emptied the house is filling up and our new house is beginning to feel like HOME!!!


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5 responses to “on the move…literally

  1. I love this Jeanne it is like reading a GOOD book…thanks for sharing.

    Love ya,

    • jterrill

      Hey Girl, thanks for the encouraging words. I do love my new hobby. And I think my new surroundings will give me lots to blog about in the months to come.

  2. That is so much work, but so worth it! I know that you appreciate it all the more after living in the trailer for several months! ENJOY setting up your new house!!! 🙂

    • jterrill

      Yes it is alot of work, and I find myself wondering why on earth did pack this up in the first place. What I should be wondering is what were you thinking when you bought that? LOL!!! I think I have finally gotten to the point in my life where less is truly more.

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