city girl, country living….

I have lived my entire life in the city.  I grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans and have lived the past 25 years in and around Houston.  I have never lived more than 10 minutes from a major grocery store or big box store.  For the past 13 years the community we called home was less than 20 miles from downtown Houston and on a clear day you could see the skyline.  But all that has changed. 

This city girl has gone country.  The nearest town of any considerable size is 12 miles away.  The only “store” is a gas station convenience store, which is 4 miles from our home.  If I am going to drive 4 miles why not just go the extra 8?  What I have realized is that I am going to have to be a better planner when it comes to shopping and errands.  Today is that day.

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