October in Texas…lower humidity, pumpkins and football




You know that October has arrived in Texas when the humidity drops below 50%, the temperatures are in the low 90’s and the farmers market is selling pumpkins. 

 Other tell-tale signs that October has arrived in Texas are the gently falling leaves, the crepe myrtle trees turning from green to orange then purple and red and the fern growing on the big oaks begins to wither. 

 You know it’s October in Texas when the weekends are filled with craft fairs and festivals and people riding their bikes. 

And October is officially here when Friday nights are spent under the lights, Saturday’s are spent tailgating on college campus’ and Sunday’s are spent with armchair quarterbacks calling the plays. 

And you definitely know that October has arrived in Texas when you can open the windows in your house and feel that gentle breeze stirring and hummingbirds are hovering around the feeder and….the farmers market is selling PUMPKINS…


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5 responses to “October in Texas…lower humidity, pumpkins and football

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  2. Oh Fall in Texas – it’s funny too think about Texas having seasons. I spent 25+ years in San Antonio and have now spent the last 9 in Michigan. But you are right, there is a change. Maybe just a change of attitude. I loved staying out late on our back porch having dinner in the dusk, marching at half-time under the stars and pulling out my favorite sweat shirts. Thanks for the memories.

    • jterrill

      I am glad I was able to help you think fondly of your years in Texas. I am a transplant my self, I spent 20+ years in Louisiana and the past 25+ in Texas. I like to tell people I got here as quick as I could.

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