does facebook have an expiration date?…

I really enjoy the social aspect of Facebook, feeling connected with my friends even though I don’t see them very often.  It has also been a great tool to reconnect with my family and friends that are scattered across the United States.

 When I discovered Facebook a couple of years ago, I jumped in with both feet.  I set up my account, started collecting friends and farming.  Yes I know, farming, but it was all very social.  I would meet up with my friends on the farm and we would plant and harvest and chat. And I do mean chat like we were sitting in the same room with one another or talking on the phone. 

Then the farming became more of a chore than a social event and my Facebook friends moved on to other games and I didn’t.

In the beginning it seemed as though everyone was online, posting their every move, commenting on everyone else’s posts and playing games and sending game gifts.  Then ever so slowly the newness began to wear off and the majority of my status updates were tied to the games.  So I began hiding the games and now when I log on to my FB page I will have 300+ updates,but it actually ends up only being about 10 or 12 posts and the rest are the hidden games.

Now a days it seems the FB craze is to get people to re-post this or that post, which I refuse to do.  I also don’t “like” random organizations.  So I asked my self…What am I doing here on Facebook? 

So the other day…I logged onto my FB page and my friends weren’t on-line and there had only been a couple of updates and I felt like what’s the point.  Then I thought maybe, just maybe Facebook had run its course for me.  Some of my FB friends are feeling the same way but admit to being “addicted” and therefore would not be able to walk away.  And then there are other FB friends who are just getting “hooked” on the FB phenom.  But I am still pondering whether or not…Facebook has reached its expiration date for this girl…

Then I began to think about what it would be like to “log off”  and walk away.  So over the last few days I have really paid attention to the “real” posts.  And what I would have missed out on if I had “logged off”. 

I wouldn’t have known it was Jane’s birthday or that Derek’s son successfully launched his rocket.  I wouldn’t have know that Joshua’s wife makes world-famous Gumbo or that Tammy has a nutritional counseling page.  I would have missed the pictures of Lucia at boot camp and our friends on the cruise.  I would have missed the exasperation my friends were feeling over their favorite football teams.  And I would have missed reading about my cousin moving her family to New Zealand or another cousin who has an appointment with the oncologist.    And of course I wouldn’t have know how the planning is going for my sisters’s big Halloween bash, and another sister is feeling under the weather and baby sister is really enjoying the colder temperatures where she lives. 

So when I look at whether or not FB has reached an expiration date for this girl…I have to say that would be a GREAT BIG NO!!! I am social by nature and I have to admit that FB has been a great resource for me and has really catered to my inherent need to be with people… I love keeping up with everyone and feeling like I am a part of their daily lives even if it is only through my computer screen…


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6 responses to “does facebook have an expiration date?…

  1. Stacy Todd

    AWWW I love this post!!! Exactly why I still love facebook 🙂 You took the words right out of my mouth and said them very nicely…….

    • jterrill

      Thanks Stacy,
      I had to really think about whether or not to stick with fb, but in the end it is friends like you that keep me coming back day after day.

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I am so glad you will stay on fb I felt the same way you did , but it is true how would we find out about the different things that are going on with our friends and family when we do NOT talk to them every day? Facebook is a great communicator . I am glad you are staying on and reading your blog tells me why I should stay on too….thanks Jeanne!

    • jterrill

      Thanks for the encouragement…I realized it’s really not about me but about you and everyone else and having the opportunity to grow our relationships even if it is on-line…

  3. I love facebook but like you, I blocked farmville and most of the apps that want you to give more and more information. But yes, it still holds value as I often find out important things happening to my friends on facebook. I’ve never used it the way I use other network sites and I love the close knit group of friends I chat with there… 🙂
    Again, I have given you a Versatile Blogger award. Stop by to collect it! 🙂

  4. Thanks for submitting this post to the hop.
    By the way, I’ve added a new blog hop. Do stop by to add your links.

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