today…i wish i were a poet…the sounds of silence and so much more

On days like today, I wish I were a poet.  I wish my words could describe this moment in time in a way that would draw you in and delight you with what you hear.  I am sitting in what may be my new favorite spot, on my back patio at the end of the day surrounded by nature. 

The very first sound I notice is the sound of silence.  It is so peaceful!   I do not hear cars or emergency vehicles in the distance.  I do not hear airplanes overhead or  noisy neighbors.  I hear nature!!!

Then the sounds begin to come in layers.  At first I hear the chirping and singing birds and then the buzzing of the bees.  I hear the call of the crow and hoot of the owl.  There are at least a dozen different bird songs all happening at this very moment.    I hear the falling acorns and the scurrying squirrels. I can hear the distant bark of a dog and the low hum of a tractor. 

Then there is my favorite sound of all of natures sounds,  the gentle sound of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees.  At first I can see the movement in the trees at a distance, and then I hear the leaves begin to rustle as the wind works its way through the canopy, then I can feel it… the cool gentle breeze.

The sound grows louder and the breeze washes over me and then it is gone leaving me waiting, hoping for more.   Then there it is again, softly gently soothing fresh and clean, a wave filled with sound and movement.  On the breeze is the smell of barbecue and the sound of children laughing. 

It’s as though God himself is wrapping His loving arms around me to let me know that He is here with me, watching over me, sending me a little message of hope in the caress of the wind.

I linger waiting, listening and wishing…that I had the words… i wish i were a poet…


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11 responses to “today…i wish i were a poet…the sounds of silence and so much more

  1. Dearest Jeanne,
    My dear, your writing is poetic. How dare you sell yourself short. I read your blog and felt everything you were feeling. THAT my dear IS poetry.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful serene life with us.

  2. Beautiful story to bring forward to the blog hop. Definitely sounds like poetry to me.

    I could just imagine myself doing the same things. I love nature and listening to the sounds of not only the animals but the winds and when I’m by water the waves. I’ve always enjoyed a good thunderstorm. 🙂

  3. I believe you Are a poet! Thank you for sharing this post on the blog hop- I would never have seen it otherwise. I really enjoyed reading your post and I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog now…

    • Rosa, Thank you for stopping by and for your very kind words. There were so many to choose from that have yet to been seen by the blogging community…I really enjoyed the blog hop today and I am looking forward to being a regular participant. Ciao!

  4. Beautiful post and yes, nature is magical!
    Thanks for linking up on the blog hop and see you soon. 🙂
    Have an abundant year!

  5. By the way,
    We did well. 20 brave souls signed on; do check them out and comment back… Awesome!
    Thanks again for linking up on the blog hop and see you soon. 🙂
    Have an abundant year!

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  7. great idea, i wish i was as well, i just seem to crash through the quite and reflective moments .. 🙂 – cheers alan

    • Hi Alan, Thanks for stopping by the blog…it is rarely quite in my world, so when the opportunity presents itself I try to stop and listen. I hope you’ll give it a try. Ciao!

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