tonight it was semi-homemade…priceless

If you have been stopping by for any length of time you might know that we recently moved into our new home.  While our home was under construction we lived in our 26′ travel trailer which presented us with many opportunities to eat out.  After 22 weeks and countless meals here and there I announced to my husband that I did not want to eat out for at least a month. 

So for the past month we have been getting familiar with all aspects of our new home but none more than our beautiful kitchen.  We have had an impromptu luncheon during the first days of un-packing with my Mother-in-law and her sister.  They brought me my favorite fast food salad from Chick fil A.  I made dessert, buttered pecan apple crumble.   We had a great visit and I enjoyed the break from un-packing all of the boxes. 

 A week ago, we hosted our first dinner party for 10.  We served Grilled Ribeye Steaks  and roasted root veggies with more extras than anyone could eat.  My family always prepares more food than is necessary and I am trying to make adjustments to overcome this learned habit.  The steak’s were grilled to perfection, the veggies were delicious and for dessert we enjoyed my Mother’s homemade White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Godiva White Chocolate Sauce.  A perfect ending to a perfect party!  Thanks Mom!!!

But tonight I was looking for the easy way out…I worked all weekend and have a long week ahead of me, so it was semi-homemade at it’s best.  On my last trip to the grocery store I had picked up the ingredients for just such a night.  I picked up a package of Buitoni chicken and prosciutto tortellini and a container of Buitoni alfredo sauce.  I called my husband and asked if he would pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store on his way home.  There were the makings of a garden salad in the fridge and some left over french bread from Sunday’s dinner. 

All ingredients were assembled, served on our everyday plates, to our little family in our beautiful new kitchen and our semi-homemade meal was delicious. 

90% store bought ingredients…10% fresh…100% assembled, heated and consumed at home…thats the way to go…semi-homemade…priceless

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