Today…I did NOT skydive!  However, I did stop in at  Skydive Spaceland to watch my friend take her first jump.  I say 1st jump with relative assurance that she will jump again. She was celebrating her 50th Birthday, she seemed very relaxed for someone who was going to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Here is what I gathered from my visit to Skydive.  I learned you must be at least 18yrs of age, a Texas State Law, for entering into a contractual agreement. It will cost you just under $200 to jump on the weekends.   You will receive a 1/2 hour of instruction before heading up in either a Twin Otter or Cessna Caravan.  Your first jump will be a Tandem jump.  You are assigned an instructor who is there to help you suit up, calm your nerves and answer any questions that you might have.   The staff at Skydive Spaceland appeared to be very friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know their tandem jump partner. 

Skydive Spaceland sits on 134 acres located just 30 minutes south of Houston, Texas.  It is a state of the art facility that was built from the ground up specifically for skydiving.  The facility is open 7 days a week, Reservations are not required but they are highly recommended.  You should plan on spending at least 1/2 a day if you are jumping.  There is an observation area where friends and family can hang out making jokes about jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and whether or not the life insurance policy is current as well as watching you and all of the other jumpers make their landings. 

While I was waiting for the plane to go up and the jumpers to make their anticipated appearance from 14,000 feet I busied myself with snapping a few pics of the place. 

Here is the phone number of Skydive Spaceland if you are looking to jump out of one of those perfectly good airplanes.

I am fairly certain you will need one of these! 

There are rules…

You have choices when it comes to the music that accompanies your personal video…according to the expert in charge…Click, Click, Boom is a popular choice.  However, I would rather have  Boomin by TobyMac, but it’s not on the list!

And, apparently people should not walk their dog in the drop zone!

I am thinking that there are two kinds of people who are willing to jump…there is the person who is fearless and throws caution to the wind and maybe even feels they don’t have anything to lose, SO they skydive.  Then there is the person who has faith…faith in their ability as an experienced jumper or the ultimate FAITH in God’s perfect plan for their life whatever that might include.  On second thought there may be a third type of person who jumps…the person who has incredible FAITH in GOD’s plan, SO they throw caution to the wind and trust the experts and…SKYDIVE!

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