tuesday…trick or treat

trick…well it must be at $2.69/gallon.  The media isn’t reporting on the fact that gasoline prices are hovering just below the peak summer travel prices.  Sure the local news will mention that gasoline prices are up 3cents or 5cents it has become a passing thought not something worth valuable news time.  The whole gas thing must be a TRICK…it’s called desensitization. 

treat…Yes this is my almost daily treat, a trip to Sonic.  Every day from 2pm – 4pm you can enjoy your favorite fountain drink combo for 1/2 price.  You can indulge in a lemon berry or blue coconut slush if frozen drinks are your thing.  Or you can have a fountain drink with a little something extra.  My favorite afternoon combo is a Diet Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper.  A Large runs me $1.03.  Not only is this a pleasure to the palette it is a TREAT to the pocket. 

i’ll take the treat every time!


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2 responses to “tuesday…trick or treat

  1. Sonic’s Happy Hour? Treat, treat, treat! We get slushes on the way home from school and it always and every time surprises me how cheap 3 slushes will cost me. Love that treat! Thanks for reminding me. We’re doing a Sonic run this afternoon!

    • jterrill

      finding a cheap treat, and cheap it is, that does not require multiple stops to appeal to the entire family and it’s drive-thru, PRICELESS OR AT LEAST CHEAP.

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