our unconvential convential home…and its opportunities for adjustment

As you many know we recently moved into our new home.  My husband and I made every single decision throughout the process.  Good or Bad we can only point the proverbial finger at one another. 

There were long drawn out thoughtful decisions.  There were decisions made on the fly.  There were decisions made with a singular thought in mind.  Which now that we are moved in have created what I like to call, opportunities for adjustment. 

First up on the list is our open concept game room.  We didn’t want the game room/man cave to be shut off from the rest of the house as it is already located down the back hallway.  So we decided to leave the room open, no door.  There is a little bit more to it than just no door.  But for simplicity sake, trust me, it’s open.  The challenge comes when my husband cranks up the blu-ray player and surround sound extraordinaire and the sound fills the entire house.  Kinda wishing we had thought a little more about the DOOR. 

Our second challenge is the sitting area in the kitchen.  Let me just say this is not a problem at all for me as I am not much on watching TV.  However, my husband likes to have the TV on at all times and of course this means he needs to be able to see it.  The sitting area in the kitchen was designed to be an intimate conversation area.  I did not realize that we would gather there to eat as much as we have since moving in.  The TV is not visible from this area. (smiling) 


The third challenge is more of the visual aesthetic kind.  The living and dining area is one large room.  I absolutely love this room!  The dining room has me a bit perplexed with the placement of the furniture.  Our Builder has built us a beautiful home.  The crown molding with little “birdhouse” type finials in the corners, double ceiling tray over the dining room table, eye lights for the artwork.  However,  I didn’t own the dining room furniture when the house designs were drawn up and I didn’t think through the placement of the eye lights in relation to the chandelier.  I now have furniture and lighting that are at odds with one another.  My challenge is to make it all work without having the electrician come in and move the eye lights which of course does not address the entire challenge.  So I have taken the designer challenge and set the dining room table at an angle.  We are having friends over this evening for a little dinner/birthday celebration.  Can hardly wait to get feedback from my peers. 

Tell me what you think of our un-conventional choices in our otherwise conventional home.

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