one of my favorite things…

Today…my absolute favorite catalog arrived in the mail.  It’s not just any edition of the catalog, it’s the Christmas catalog!  The cover is absolutely beautiful! The cover says it all!  It calls out to me from the honey colored paint on the wall in the background to the tastefully scripted subtitle scrawled across the bottom of the page, “It’s almost time to decorate for Christmas“!!!

Which catalog, you ask, is she so excited about…it is none other than PotteryBarn!!

As I am typing this little post my favorite catalog is laying next to me on the sofa.  I have yet to turn the first page.  I have waited until there will be no chance of distractions.  I want to be able to enjoy savor the experience that is waiting on each page. 

I also wanted to think about why these 100+ pages excite me so much before I feverishly start turning the pages.  I love every design detail that has gone into each layout.  I look at the placement of the pillows and the wall hangings.  I love how an over sized mirror is placed in an otherwise forgotten corner.  I study the details that have gone into wrapping the Christmas gifts.   I love the variety of textures, the mixture of old and new as well as the familiar feeling that PotteryBarn feels like home.  The layouts on each page capture the essence of Christmas with grace and elegance.  The only place where caution is thrown to the wind is when it comes to decorating the tree.  There is no holding back when it comes to the tree.  The tree is the focal point!  It’s all about the Tree!!! 


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