HGTV dream home inspired…dream come true

I love the annual HGTV Dream Home Special!  The first dream home I fell in love with was the 2005 Dream Home built in Tyler Texas.  That home encompassed almost every idea of what I envisioned a Grand Texas home would have.  And it was built on a beautiful lake!  Bonus!!!  The creamy Texas Limestone inside and out as well as the impressive cedar pillars and the stone garden wall have all found their way into the design elements of our new home, just on a smaller scale.  

The 2006 Dream Home was breathtaking.  It was built on beautiful Lake Lure in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.  The design team for the 2006 house really took the surrounding mountain views into consideration when laying out the house.  There appears to be a view from every room. Between my husband and our architect they were able to give us a beautiful view from every room of our house.  We don’t live in the mountains or even the Texas Hill Country, but we do live in a very secluded wooded area in our ranch style neighborhood surrounded by large oak trees!  The views are exceptional if I do say so myself!

The interior decor of the 2006 dream home is as cozy as a mountain retreat could possibly be.  My favorite space is the eat-in seating area in the kitchen.  I have worked this design element into our new home and I love it.  It needs a little bit of work to get the really cozy feel that I am looking for but that is half the fun.

I hope the next HGTV dream home has a great greenhouse that will inspire me!

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