the birdhouse Christmas…handmade gifts

Over the years my family has enjoyed making Christmas gifts for one another.  There was one year in particular unbeknownst to each other we all crafted bird houses or bird feeders.  As each gift was un-wrapped it was obvious that we would forever refer to this as the Birdhouse Christmas!   Here are a few of the birdhouses I received. They are little worse for the wear but I love them more today than the day I received them.


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2 responses to “the birdhouse Christmas…handmade gifts

  1. I love birdhouses for Christmas too. I make and give them every year. I wish the rest of my family could make birdhouses as well. It’s neat to see someone with a family of artful people.

    • jterrill

      Mark, thanks for stopping by and checking out the post. We will be adding bird boxes to our place for the eastern blue birds that will be back this way in the spring. Hope to post the results soon.

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