how to tie a bow…no clue

Really, I am “bow” challenged. I also cannot wink or whistle.  It’s true!  I would like to be able to do all three. However, the most pressing at this moment is learning to tie a bow.  It is the Christmas season and I would like my packages to be topped with beautiful bows.  

I love beautifully wrapped packages!  I would love to receive a brand new Lexus for Christmas with a giant red bow on top (hint, hint, wink, wink).  I have grand ideas of how I would like the Christmas presents under our tree to look.  I purchase coordinating wrapping paper, ribbon and name tags with every intention of having beautifully wrapped gifts.  Things usually go fairly well until it is time to tie the bow.  That is where it all falls apart.  I am “bow” challenged!!!

So I did what any self respecting bow challenged idividual would do.  I checked out the bow tieing tutorials on YouTube.  There were funny tutorial outtakes, badly formatted tutorials and even a tutorial that was a bit scary. After searching through a dozen or more turorials I found a couple that I found helpful.   I have included the links.  If you know an easier way to tie a beautiful bow I am open to suggestions. 

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