Oh Christmas Tree…decoratioins

A few weeks back, I was checking out the blog over at The French Flea and the girls were designing vignettes around a natural white Christmas theme.  It didn’t take long for my mind to start to spin out of control and lay a plan for my own white Christmas theme.  As I began to unpack and sort through our  Christmas decorations it was obvious that I would be ablt to pull this off without purchasing additional ornaments. 

However, I did purchase a handful a white poinsettia and several strings of new lights to add to the lights we already have.  Our beautiful tree began to take shape as the tulle was nestled deep into the tree to help reflect the lights.  The lights were wrapped around the branches and the poinsettia were tucked into the tree.  Next the oversized ornaments were strategically placed to fill the larger spaces.  Then layer by layer the ornaments were hung on the branches.  I sprinkled a few natural elements through out as well as my favorite handmade ornaments

Then I decided our beautiful monochromatic tree needed a little pop of color.  I chose RED!!!  Just a little touch here and there.  Then I wrapped the tree with red glitter garland. 

The tree looks beautiful!  If I were to stop right now and not add another single ornament it would be perfect.  But, I can’t help myself!!!  I know I have some chandelier crystals that would be the finishing touch for the tree, if I can just find where I put them.   Oh yes, and the perfect new tree topper.  Then I will be finished!  Maybe.


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2 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree…decoratioins

  1. Hi Jeanne – your tree decorations look gorgeous! Thanks so much for visiting Style Notes and for your sweet comment. Look forward to getting to know you better over the blogosphere! XO

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