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Oh so sweet!!!

I absolutely love stopping in bakeries and sweet shoppes.  It’s not really about the sweets.  Now don’t take that the wrong way…I love sweets!  I have the proverbial sweet tooth.  My meal is not complete until I have had a little something sweet at the end.  But the bakeries and sweet shoppes are all about that first impression.  The moment you open the door you are transported to a special dreamy wonderful place.  The air is filled with the aroma of sugary sweetness.  There are the sounds of children laughing and fountain drinks being blended.  A Sweet Shoppe is a happy place with happy people.

The moment I walk into one of these sweet shops I am swept away.  The glass cases are filled with all things chocolatey, creamy, colorful, chewy, crunchy and sweet!  There is the aroma of fresh brewed coffee.  The air is cool and refreshing like Ice Cream!  Each treat is carefully displayed to catch your eye and welcome you into candy heaven!

Sweet Shoppes and bakeries are one of the few places I do not mind waiting my turn.  I enjoy the wait. I take time to look around the beautiful displays and packages.  I enjoy the aromas.  I enjoy observing other people as they experience the candy shop or bakery.   I enjoy being in such a happy place! 

But I have to admit that my favorite part of the entire experience is when it is finally my turn to make my selections.  I know what I like!  There is no indecision on my part! I enjoy watching as each of my choices are wrapped in a piece of special pastry tissue and placed in a special box.  There is usually a pot of fresh brewed coffee or something cold from the soda fountain to accompany my sweet selections.  And of course there is the moment when I arrive home with my sweet treats.  I open the carefully packed box and gaze at my sugary sweet, creamy crunchy, yumminess!

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there isn’t a sweet shoppe within miles of my house.  I have a couple of favorites, La Kings Confectionery and Crave, both are about an hour from my home. 

However, we can not allow the Holidays to pass us by without a visit to the candy counter.  Christmas and Candy go hand in hand!  So I have created our very own mini version of a candy counter.  We have soft peppermints and white chocolate covered pretzels.  We have white M&M’s and yogourt raisins.  We have dark chocolate hershey kisses and peppermint bar!  There is a pot of coffee close by and soda’s in the fridge depending on your prefrence.  All to be enjoyed by family and friends and of course ME!  Merry Christmas  and Happy Holidays!

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