vacation expectations…unexpected


Everyone has high expectations when planning a vacation.  Right?  

I know I do!  I expect to get away from it all, rest and relax.  I plan to go somewhere and do something that is far removed from my day-to-day routine.  I think about the big picture!  The Destination!  The Activities!  However, I like to leave the small details to chance.  I love surprises!

We have stumbled upon a few unexpected treasures while vacationing.  Once we discovered an incredible restaurant completely by chance without so much as a recommendation.  Rails!  Actually that happened twice.  Once it was an incredible magic shop in a small Texas town.  But nothing compares to the unexpected treasure we found while vacationing in Florida.

While vacationing on Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, Florida  I discovered a gem, a treasure, a diamond in the rough!  This little gem is none other than a local grocery store.  All I can say is “I want one”!  I want one in my neighborhood!  I would go into the grocery business in a heartbeat if I could duplicate Hudson’s Grocery.

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