10 ways to beat the holiday blues…

If I am not careful I can get bogged down with the Christmas “to do” list.  Before I know it I am  stressed out over gifts, budgets and menus and I have missed all the fun.   I read a great article in the Focus on Women magazine I picked up at my local Starbucks.  Here is the condensed version for the full article go to www.FOWmag.com

1. Minimize your stress!  Get your shopping, decorating and Christmas cards done early. Set a goal!

2. Attend a holiday market!  The perfect way to get into the holiday spirit is to attend one of the many holiday markets. 

3. Enjoy the arts!  Check your local paper for a complete listing of Christmas concerts and plays. 

4. Treat yourself!   Enjoy a mani-pedi or a massage.  Enough said!

5. Make a date with your mate or bff.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays can monopolize all of your time.  Make an effort to carve out time for a quite dinner with your spouse or best friend.  Quality time is the best gift going.

6. Be an elf!  If loneliness is what’s giving you the blues, then look for opportunities to volunteer in your community. 

7. Adopt a pet!  If you are an animal lover you can adopt a pet of your own or volunteer at the animal shelter and help the animals find the perfect new home for the holidays.

8. Get out and exercise!  Exercise is great medicine for mild depression.  Take a walk, ride a bike or take a dance class.  Just get moving!

9. Create a blessing diary!  Every day right down 5 things your are thankful for.  You will be surprised at how many blessings you really do have.

10. Create a new tradition!  If your old family traditions bring back sad memories of loved ones lost, then it’s time to create a few new traditions.  Change things up!  Take a Christmas vacation instead of staying home, try some place tropical!

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