ready or not…Christmas is here!

The first of our family gatherings is tomorrow, ready or not.  I think we are ready.  But if in fact we are not ready no one will be the wiser. 

The tree is decorated and it looks lovely!  Even if I have not found a suitable tree topper.  C’est la vie!

The table scape is missing something.  Not sure what it is just yet, but it is definitely missing something. Any suggestions? The packages need a little dressing up but I can do that while the cake is in the oven. 

The rest of the house looks beautiful.  There is a little touch of Christmas in every room.  Not too much, not too little…well maybe not enough.  But it is a work in progress. 

However, I am out of time.  The first of three Christmas gatherings is upon us.  The first gathering of family is this Sunday December 19th @ 4pm.  The second gathering of family is Thursday December 23rd @ 6pm.  The 3rd gathering of family and friends is a 3 day event with out-of-town company.  I am Ready! Ready or Not but I am Ready for the festivities to begin!

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