2010 blogging review…I am not a statistic but I might be a cake

Blogging Year…01
Total Blogging Time… 10 months
Blogs …2
Posts…this one makes 101
Total Views to date…  3038
My best day… 63 views
My best month… 552 views

You are probably wondering why am I sharing my meager stats with you? It is because I have been obsessed with my stats and  I am trying to overcome my obsession.  If I cannot overcome the constant need to check my stats I am going to have to admit a few things about myself that I am really hoping aren’t true.

Stats don’t make you a good writer or blogger just like money doesn’t make you a better person.  Yes, stats and money can give you status but  when it comes right down to it they are just numbers.  In the beginning they meant everything to me.  Yes both money and stats.  But for today’s post I am focusing on my blogging stats.  Anyway, in the beginning my blog stats were how I was gauging myself as a blogger.  Sad but true!

I would be telling you less than the truth if  I said that I have gotten over the whole stats thing.  But I do think there is more to this than just checking the numbers. It’s about the need to be accepted even if it is by people I don’t know. 

Although I love it when someone leaves a comment and a little word of encouragement that begins to form a cyber friendship I realize that those are few and far between just like true friends.  I am taking that to heart!

I admit I don’t comment on every blog I read.  There are various reasons but generally it’s because the post just didn’t resonate with me.  Which is what I guess is the case with those of you who pop in here and take a look around and leave without so much as a word.  I get it! 

As I have been trying to work all of this out, good or bad, this is what I have come up with. 

My blog is the recipe of my life, my thoughts are the ingredients, my posts are the layers and your comments are the frosting on the cake.  However,  I am not that keen on most frosting.  It has to be a really exceptional frosting for me to get excited.  But, I do LOVE cake!!!  I love everything about cake.   I love searching for the recipe and gathering the ingredients.  I love to measure, whisk, melt, cream, mix, pour and bake the cake.  I love to eat Cake!!!  When I make a cake or a meal for that matter I usually share it with a few special people.  People who appreciate the time and effort it took to create the special something. 

These are the same reasons I love blogging.  My blog is about the things that make up the story of my life.  My blog posts are the inspiration that comes from the people and the things that are part of my life.  My hopes are to build a few cyber friendships, encourage and inspire a few people and continue to grow as a wife, a mother, a friend a writer and a blogger.

I think I finally get it…I am not a statistic…but I might be a cake!

After assessing my statistics on my own, WordPress sent me their review of my Blog for 2010.  I was encouraged!

I am linking up with Mega Monday-Sunday Blog Hop!


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7 responses to “2010 blogging review…I am not a statistic but I might be a cake

  1. Danny Terrill

    Red Velvet Cake…..thats my guess.

  2. i have to agree with danny ..red velveet ..my reasons are simple, its not only the moist rich fluffiness of the cake which reminds me of your warmth and richness of heart, its also the filling made up of the sweet smooth creamcheese and agian the warmth of vanilla which reminds me of your love and kindness that comes with your amazing smile and then there is the icing smooth and firm a sprinkle of pecans on top and there we have your finishing toouches…the stuff that holds your family and friends together..

    • jterrill

      your incredibly sweet words mean more to me than you will ever know…thank you for spending a couple of days with us I enjoyed every minute. And it’s official…I am a red velvet cake!!!!

  3. tbaoo

    i’d like a slice please .. and congratulations on those fine figures .. 😉

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