handwritten recipes are a treasure…

I was blessed to be able to share a couple of days with my Mom, Sister, Niece, Aunts and Cousins this Christmas season.  As is the case when we are together the conversation quickly turns to food.  This time was no exception.  As we were sitting around discussing this and that my sister offered to share a few of her favorite recipes off the top of her head.  I was excited to get them from her especially since they were going to be in her own handwriting. 

Most recipes I receive are usually sent to me via e-mail or text, so receiving a handwritten recipe is a special treasure.  

Some years ago, I noticed a framed hand written recipe in my best friends kitchen.  She shared that it was one of her Mother’ recipes.  My friend’s mother passed away suddenly many years ago and the hand written recipe is one of the things that she treasures.  I absolutely loved the idea of framing a special hand written recipe and giving it a place of honor in my kitchen. 

The very first hand written recipes I received were from my mom.  I photo copied them onto special paper purchased at the local scrapbook store and framed them.  I gave them to my Mom and Sisters as Christmas gifts that year.  Unbeknownst to me, the hand written recipe I chose to give to my Mom was one of Grandmothers.  This was the recipe that she would always request that my Mom make for her when she would visit.  The recipe is called “Plain Cake” and I know my mom has treasured memories making it for my grandmother.  The framed recipe turned out to be a great gift.

 I am hoping to create a wall of recipes in my new kitchen, recipes hand written by my beloved family members and friends.


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4 responses to “handwritten recipes are a treasure…

  1. Stacy

    I LOVE handwritten things!! I would love some handwritten recipes. I do have some old postcards from my great grandma writing to her sister. I cherish those.

    • jterrill

      I saw an article where they framed the hand written letters and postcards from family members. This way they are displayed for everyone to see and enjoy!

  2. i still have my framed reciept its in my kitchen to this day..i love the idea of the wall..your kitchen will be even moreinviting to your guest

    • jterrill

      I am planning a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paper to use for the mats or background. I will post a pic when I get them finished.

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