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blue monday….a happy alternative

 Memories of vacation past…

soothing and relaxing…

crystal clear blue water…

thoughts of vacations to come…happy blue monday!


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blogging buddy challenge…no recipe

Recently I stumbled upon a WordPress blog post about blogging buddies…and I am happy to say that I found a couple of kindred spirits.  My new bbf,( blogging buddy friend) @ vintage pages,  challenged me to throw caution to the wind and cook without a recipe.  I accepted the challenge!

My version of Pasta Rustica…not because I consulted a recipe, I just love the name.  Using only what was available in the fridge and pantry and absolutely no reference to a cookbook or the food network.


Leftover Pan Fried Sausage
Crimini Mushrooms
Green Onions

Do you have a blogging buddy that is challenging and encouraging you?  Would you like a blogging buddy?  To buddy up subscribe to this blog and leave a comment that includes a link to your blog.  Ciao!


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tuesday treats

Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips! 

 I think I have fallen victim to subliminal advertising. 

 To be fair there wasn’t anything subliminal about it. 

 They were front and center over at My Pajama Days infiltrating post after post. 

 I was intrigued.   

Each ingredient on its own is lackluster at best. 

Salt.  Vinegar.  Potatoes. 

What is so incredible about this combination?

I bought a bag.

I opened the bag.

I reached into the bag.

I selected the perfect first chip.

I tasted and…

It was…

bold and tangy, crispy and salty!

Wow!  That’s quite the combo…I like them…

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


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blue monday….a happy alternative


 In 1995 Mars invited the public to decide between blue, pink or purple as the color to replace the tan M&M.  BLUE was the winner! 

BTW I do not remember there being a tan M&M. Do you?

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january reflection…friendships are like cupcakes…

This post is almost exclusively from the 2011 inspirational wall calendar hanging in my office.  I always choose my yearly wall calendar based on the pictures.  In years past I have I had calendars that featured adorable puppies, beautiful landscapes and this past year I ordered a custom calendar filled with pictures from one of our favorite family vacations.  This year’s calendar features comfort food…desserts…and as a bonus they have included a few of the recipes.  The creators of the calendar have wrapped it all up with a pretty bow by reflecting on life as a sweet journey. 

my friends are like an assorted box of cupcakes

…be generous with love and friendship, for the return will make life all the sweeter.

With every friend comes a different kind of friendship.  Some are characterized by the laughter that always seems to bubble to the surface no matter what you’re doing.  The silly memories that emerge are priceless.  Some friendships feel like comfort food, infused with the kind of warmth you can’t put into words but are keenly aware that your soul needs.  Then there are the friendships that take root on many levels, through common interests, a kindred spirit, a similar sense of humor, and a trust born instantly by the reflection of yourself you see in the other. 

No matter how many friendships our hearts hold, God has created us with the capacity to receive more.  Some we’re given to enjoy for a season, some for years, and some for a lifetime-but each one becomes a part of our unfolding story.  And God knows what is just right for us.  The friends we need at the moment we need them…the wisdom, strength and joy we have to offer…the times when we have little more to give than a smile and a hug.  Each and every kindness, whether given or received, is a fragment of His beautiful purpose. 

Friendship is like the perfect confection from God- sweet and satisfying with a wonderful way of making us feel special every day.  It truly is a cupcake for the soul…so whenever one is presented to you, let your heart reply with an enthusiastic, Yes, please!”



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no longer on the fence…I am posting every week in 2011

I’m Posting every week in 2011!  Actually I have been posting at least twice a week and sometimes as many as three times per week for the past 10 months. 

I like the idea of committing to the blog a week challenge so that I have an accountability partner. 

I would love to have the discipline to blog every day in 2011.  However I think I would only be setting myself up for failure and  an incredible amount of stress.  I blog for the pure enjoyment of expressing myself and sharing my thoughts with those who care to read them. 

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful to grow my blog posts into an everyday occurence by the end of the year. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

Your BBF (blogging buddy forever)

BTW…if you are looking for a blogging buddy, someone to read your posts and encourage you along the way, subscribe to my blog and I will return the favor. 



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blue monday… a happy alternative

Well this post is really late getting out as I was lacking inspiration…until I visited a couple of my favorite blogs and discovered that they had something in common…Voila, creative inspiration!

When you mention blue monday people will usually think of the day being sad because the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to grind of the work week.  Some people will think of the 1983 song by New Order. 

As for me I prefer to think of blue monday in an altogether different light.  I love the color blue!  It is soothing and peaceful.  The color blue brings to mind beautiful sandy beaches and cool crystal clear Caribbean water.  It also reminds me of my favorite bird, the northeastern bluebird. I have also chosen blue as the accent color in our new home.  And of course my very first brand new car was Blue. 

I follow a couple of blogs that have weekly features based around a day of the week and a color.  The Red Door Antiques has Red Friday and Faded Charm has White Wednesday.  I love the idea, so I am going to borrow it and run with it.  As you can see I came up with blue monday…

Today’s blue monday offering is…one of my special treasures.  It is a picture painted as seen through the eyes, from the heart and by the hand of a very talented eight year old. 

Texas Bluebonnets!!!

As for the song I think of when I hear blue monday…lets just say it isn’t the one by New Order.


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