The Local…every small town has one

I live in the County as the locals refer to it.  The county is outside of the city limits.  Sometimes just across the city line or way out where city services are not offered to the homeowners.   The town I live in doesn’t have much to boast about except maybe just that, its lack of activity.  It’s quiet here, there are lots of trees and open spaces, thousands of birds and more than enough wildlife to make taking the dogs out at night an adventure. 

The closest real town is approximately 13 miles away.  Well, the closest grocery store is 13 miles away.  There are plenty of places to eat in this little town.  More than half would be considered a Mom and Pop place and the other half are the bravest of the chain restaurants. 

However a little further down the interstate is a bigger town. To be fair it is considered a City.  Although it be a city with a small “c”.  This is the place I have been gravitating towards on my days off.  There is a mall and a few big box stores that every girl needs access to.  But I choose to head this direction on my day off for the local shopping and eateries that it has to offer. 

The pace is much slower than what I am used to and I am relishing in it.  The traffic is less hectic, Lunch seems to last a little bit longer and the people are just darn right friendlier.

My favorite lunch spot is the “LOCAL“.  It’s a great little place that gives you a warm familiar feeling the minute you walk through the gate and into the courtyard.  The inviting experience continues as you open the door and are greeted by a colorful chalkboard menu, a display case and the smell of deliciousness coming from the kitchen.  You place your order at the counter, help yourself to the silverware and drinks and find a seat.  Just like home, except you don’t have to do the cooking.  The place fills up fast with locals; business men and women having lunch meetings, ladies lunch groups, friends and couples.  All enjoying a leisurely lunch with wonderful food and great conversation.  Well that’s what you should be doing if your eating at the Local. 

The Local also has a nicely stocked bakery case as well as gift items for your kitchen or a unique gift for your bff.  The prices are moderate.  The food is good.  The service is friendly.  The atmosphere is casual and cozy.  The Local is the place where if you were to find yourself in this little town looking for a bite to eat you would hope that this would be the recommendation.  Really!  It’s the Local!  Every town has one or at least they should!

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One response to “The Local…every small town has one

  1. Stacy Todd

    The Local is my FAVORITE place to go!!! I love it!

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