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blue monday… a happy alternative

Well this post is really late getting out as I was lacking inspiration…until I visited a couple of my favorite blogs and discovered that they had something in common…Voila, creative inspiration!

When you mention blue monday people will usually think of the day being sad because the weekend is over and it’s time to get back to grind of the work week.  Some people will think of the 1983 song by New Order. 

As for me I prefer to think of blue monday in an altogether different light.  I love the color blue!  It is soothing and peaceful.  The color blue brings to mind beautiful sandy beaches and cool crystal clear Caribbean water.  It also reminds me of my favorite bird, the northeastern bluebird. I have also chosen blue as the accent color in our new home.  And of course my very first brand new car was Blue. 

I follow a couple of blogs that have weekly features based around a day of the week and a color.  The Red Door Antiques has Red Friday and Faded Charm has White Wednesday.  I love the idea, so I am going to borrow it and run with it.  As you can see I came up with blue monday…

Today’s blue monday offering is…one of my special treasures.  It is a picture painted as seen through the eyes, from the heart and by the hand of a very talented eight year old. 

Texas Bluebonnets!!!

As for the song I think of when I hear blue monday…lets just say it isn’t the one by New Order.


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