tuesday treats

Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips! 

 I think I have fallen victim to subliminal advertising. 

 To be fair there wasn’t anything subliminal about it. 

 They were front and center over at My Pajama Days infiltrating post after post. 

 I was intrigued.   

Each ingredient on its own is lackluster at best. 

Salt.  Vinegar.  Potatoes. 

What is so incredible about this combination?

I bought a bag.

I opened the bag.

I reached into the bag.

I selected the perfect first chip.

I tasted and…

It was…

bold and tangy, crispy and salty!

Wow!  That’s quite the combo…I like them…

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


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3 responses to “tuesday treats

  1. You are in trouble now. They are my downfall. Now you just need an ice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade to wash them down. Happy snacking.

  2. bj

    I love ’em, too….:)

  3. Very tempting…..All bad stuff for me!
    Taking cholesterol meds and diabetic meds (metforman) I can only dream, if I want to continue hanging around.

    Not overweight, and exercise reasonably, but the doc says it’s probably heredity. 🙂 Charlie

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