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Where is my frisbee or was that a butterfly?


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I have hit the proverbial wall…lack of interaction with people and places has stifled my creativity.  I have been off from work for a little over a week.  And I have discovered this is not the life for me.  I need to be around people, hear their voices and share in their laughter.   

My time alone has left me with too many of my own thoughts and an idle mind is the devils workshop.  Or is it..idle hands..either way trouble is brewing.   I have begun to question why I am doing what I do.  I have begun to worry about things I cannot change.  I am second guessing my new hobby like it is a major career decision.  

My personality profile summed me up perfectly…my personality is like that of a golden retriever.  I like to chase butterflies and frisbees, so to speak.  The more I have going on the better adjusted I am, at least in my own mind.  I am not sure I want to know what other people think about that.  I need to participate in the lives of my friends and family.  Although I love to observe people I am not a bystander. I need to have my finger on the pulse of life. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am content with most everything in my life.  I have all that I ever dreamed of; I am loved by God and  my husband is the love of my life and my best friend.   I have a wonderful son and a beautiful home.  I have a loving family and  friends I love.  My job work is a true calling in my life.  I have traveled enough to know that three days into the trip I am looking forward to coming home.  However, from time to time I need to follow a butterfly or chase a frisbee…


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