aRt or GraFfiTi…

Originally graffiti referred to the inscriptions on the walls of prehistoric cave dwellings.  The word graffiti has also been used to refer to the inscriptions or figure drawings in the Catacombs of Rome.  Today graffiti refers to the images or scratching of any kind found on random property usually without the property owners permission.

Graffiti is surrounded by controversy that create disagreements with the graffitists, property owners and city officials.  Graffiti has many different aspects and is a growing art form. 

I came across a building covered in graffiti murals on my was to the Houston Museum of Fine Art. 

What is your take on graffiti as an art form?  Is graffiti prevalent in your city or neighborhood? 


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10 responses to “aRt or GraFfiTi…

  1. Love the pictures 🙂
    I dont support the graffiti on building without the owners permission. Totally wrong in my opinion, BUT I am fascinated with the skill of the people who do it. It is an art form for sure. I just cant help but think they could be putting the skills to some great use somewhere else than someones building.

  2. I love well painted murals. I dislike hastily scribbed obscenities.

  3. I would rather see community mural projects and/or murals done by a single artist than random tagging and obscenities. In Victoria there are a lot of murals and one bakery has an ongoing project where a group of mural artists change the painting at intervals, sometimes completely, sometimes painting out some bits and leaving others. It’s always interesting to pass the building and see what if anything has changed.
    A neighboring municipality, Langford, BC, is taking a hard line against graffiti and just yesterday got a court ruling that parents can be held responsible for the graffiti of minors, at least under certain circumstances.

  4. NY used to Graffiti City, especially the subways, until they cleaned it up in the 90s and arrested anyone caught doing it. I don’t mind it as it is a form of creativity … and, in my opinion, a form of art. 🙂

  5. These guys are artists…shame they don’t use canvass.
    In France they have something called tagging where an artist tags your garage door or building. If you remove their scrawl…they come back!

  6. I don’t think spray painting your gang initials with a spray can constitutes graffiti art, but the beautiful full-sized colorful murals are gorgeous. We don’t have them where I live. Perhaps our city is too small. I remember seeing some great ones while watching two different tatoo artist shows and a cake decorator show…all had come from backgrounds of graffiti art. Some of it is truly amazing.

    • I love murals! On Gasparilla Island in Florida there are beautiful murals painted randomly throughout the Island. It was like a treasure hunt locating them, which was half the fun!

  7. Art or Graffitti?
    Anybody’s guess. Being an Art dummy, I’ll go for graffitti!
    Elegant but nor arty enough for me too call it Art.
    Take care, Charlie

    • I am conflicted when it comes to graffiti…I attended a modern art exhibit last week. I found the exhibit interesting and intriguing. However, after an hour my eyes felt like they were about to jump out of my head. So much for me and art appreciation!

  8. When I was 14, Mom dragged me through the Louvre in Paris for a whole week, everyday. I was overdosed. Very little of the whole episode stuck.

    Now I am an Art idiot…because I could care less. It’s an era gone by, I am afraid.

    Sorry about your eyes. But too much is too much.
    Take Care, Charlie

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