Happy Birthday Bull-dog…yep that’s my Dad!

Today my Dad is celebrating his 70th Birthday. His nickname is Bulldog…not exactly sure how that came about, but it suits him like a glove.   My Dad knows what makes life worth living. 

My Dad

He loves His wife of 50 years! He loves His 4 Daughters, their husbands and children! He loves His Big Extended Family! He loves Good Food! He loves A Beautiful Yard!   My Dad loves Life!

He is just a loveable ole bulldog…if you knew him you would agree!

Here are a few pictures of his beautiful yard last summer.





Great shady spot


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18 responses to “Happy Birthday Bull-dog…yep that’s my Dad!

  1. Wow!! That yard is fantastic!!! Happy Birthday to him 😀

    • Thanks Stacey, when his yard is in bloom its a photographers dream location. Very colorful and beautiful from every angle. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  2. What a restful oasis!

    Happy Birthday, Bulldog! As Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said at age 92 . . . “What I wouldn’t give to be 70 again!”

    • Nancy, it is very peaceful at my folks place. I wish I could get away to visit more often. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I will be sure to tell him that my blogging buddies are wishing him well.

  3. Gidget

    Jeanne you made me cry. I love your dad and his yard is beautiful. Happy Birthday Uncle Bud

    • Hey Girl, I hope it was a good cry. We can all use one from time to time. His yard is always so beautiful, he planted dozens of daylillies when he was here. They are poking thier little heads out of the dirt, I can hardly wait to see what colors he brought me.

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    Love the name bulldog…I think I would like your Dad looks like he is a grat gardener!
    Pip 🙂

    • Hey PiP, You would love him. He is a very generous gardener, he is always sharing his beautiful plants and flowers with whoever stops by and is interested in gardening. He also has a love for the feathered creature. He has raised fancy pigeons and parakeets for his entire life, just for fun.

  5. Gorgeous garden! Looks like a peaceful retreat in which to while away a whole day, and some. Enjoy the well-deserved fruits of what must surely have been hours and hours of hard labor. I know. I love it when my garden is blissfully transformed into something of beauty. It’s what comes before, that is getting a little wearing after so many decades. Getting older doesn’t help either.

    hugs for sharing your lovely oasis…hugmamma. 😉

    • It has spent the past 20 years creating this amazing space. I can only hope that my yard will look half as amazing in 20 years. Thanks for the hugs!

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad! He sounds like a wonderful man!

  7. What a beautiful dad and lovely yard. The photos are amazing!

  8. Very beautiful and a full-time job itself! He must have a green thumb!

  9. Hope your dad had a good birthday! His garden is magnificent! WOW!

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