Wordless Wednesday….Almost

One really tasty New Orleans tradition…the pictures speak for themselves!  I hope you enJOY, I DID!

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9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday….Almost

  1. Ohhhh YUM! That looks GOOD!

    Great pictures too!

  2. Looks like a wonderful treat, but . . . what is it? Cherry water ice? What’s on top?

    • Hi Nancy,
      In Louisiana we call them sno-balls. Here in Texas they called them Hawaiian shaved ice. The flavor is called bucaneer blood, which is Cherry at its best and it is covered with condensed milk…way too many calories for a regular treat but it is my summertime weakness. Can hardly wait to have my first one of the year.

    • Thanks, Jeanne!

      I’ve only had water ice once. I liked it.

  3. You are quite right, your Dad’s yard tells the story!
    My wife likes the yard, and I get to enjoy it. When we were both working, we hired a yard man, we still have a yard crew do it, and she keeps planting and planting!

    Our crew says: “Pretty soon all we will need to cut the grass is a weed eater. 🙂 Charlie

  4. Am sure it’s good, an you had me, right up to ‘condensed milk’; I have a aversion to ‘condensed milk’. Perhaps the picture added girth and height to the dimensions -it seemed enormous. Food oddities can be very entertaining unto themselves, an every area has them. I once tried fried milk in the Dominican Republic, in actuality it was condensed milk. Thanks for showing the life and death of a ‘Hawaiian Shaved Ice’. I have a relative who winters in southern Texas, that might explain the extra baggage he brings back every spring, I’ll have to have ask him.

    • I recently discovered that this wonderfully refreshing summertime treat contains 500 calories sans condensed milk. The closest new orleans style snoball stand is a 30 minute drive from my place, so I am rarely tempted.

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