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“you like me…you really like me”

In the words of Sally Fields…”you like me, you really like me”, is all I could think of when my friend Elizabeth over at Mirth and Motivation so kindly bestowed upon me my very first blogging award.  It is a simple thing, kind of silly in a way, but it definitely brightened up my day.  Sometimes we need a little silly in our lives!

As with any award you might receive there are rules to claiming and keeping your prize.  Originally the rules were to share 7 things about yourself and then choose deserving bloggers and bestow upon them the Versatile Blogger Award. I have decided to follow these rules but those of you whom I have nominated may amend them anyway you like.

So here are a few things you might care to know about me or not:

1.  I was born in 1961

2. I was born in Louisiana

3.  I am married to my best friend

4. I love the rain, especially a rainy, windy thunder-storm

5. I collect Junk…American Made

6. I love coffee shops, the locally owned ones

7. My one year blogoversary is Saturday March 26, 2011

Here are a few blogs that I follow and each of these ladies certainly deserve the Versatile Blogger  Award.   They are dedicated to their craft.  They are thoughtful and insightful!  They encourage and inspire!    They motivate and support the blogging community.   They are incredible individuals who I am pleased to call my blogging buddies.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit their blogs I hope you will.  ENJOY!!! 

Mirth and Motivation

Spirit Lights the Way

Piglet in Portugal

Vintage Pages

Walk a Mile in My Shoes


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Running Garlic


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